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  1. loustylez

    Kaiser suddenly started freezing...

    i had this problem. i use my phone as my alarm and i'd miss the alarm in the morning because it would be frozen. the light would be on but it would not come out of sleep mode. i had my e-mail checking my gmail account via IMAP fairly often, either 5 minute or maybe 10 but i remember having it up a lot just for the heck of it. i deleted the account (on the phone) and it hasn't frozen once since. now i added it again and set to manual updates since i see all of my e-mail enough through out the day anyway. hope that helps.
  2. I finally bought a headphone adapter. Excited to be able to listen to stuff at work and keep it in my pocket (i get up to go to the printer often). Everything sounds great but the adapter cuts out stereo and goes to mono if its moved barely at all. It works fine sitting on the desk though. Anybody have this issue with theirs? I can't seem to find the exact one I ordered on Amazon anymore but they're shipping me another one. It's the design that comes straight out. Do the angled ones work better perhaps?
  3. that's exactly what i'm looking for. anyone know where to find a fresh ATT Tilt rom?
  4. I'm having some troubles with the phone not coming out of sleep mode. I'd like to flash back to the factory ATT rom, is there any way to do that? #edit: jeez, just as i'm sitting here using the computer i hear the phone vibrate. i look over and it's randomly restarting itself for no reason. i JUST messed with it and there are no programs running. i can't have this. i'd really prefer to go back to the ATT rom and just install HTC home and stuff again on top of it.
  5. loustylez

    won't come out of sleep

    hard to say. i can always uninstall apps and see if the problem persists. i'll keep my eyes on this thread though.
  6. Lately I've had some problems with the phone not coming out of sleep. I'll have it charging over night and wake up, luckily in time for work, with the phone off and past the alarm time I have set up. Tryiing to turn it on (power button single press) doesn't do anything. I have to use the stylus and the receeded reset button which really only seems to actually turn it off (the power light is blinking as usual the whole time which means it's still on, even when it's not plugged in charging). Then, when I power on, it boots as usual. I've had this happen both when it's plugged in and not. It just won't come out of sleep mode some time. I need my phone to be a little more reliable as it almost made me late for work once so I'm a little weary to trust it now. I have the flashed HTC rom and if I could find a way to go back to the ATT rom, I think I may prefer to do that. I'd like to be able to return the phone to ATT if anything should go wrong like this again. I was able to get the ATT rom very similar to the HTC rom before I flashed completely, so I may just do that and be fine with it. Any help is appreciated.
  7. loustylez

    Make password entries less frequent/random

    use the notes functionality to store them in a "txt file" on your phone and just copy/paste whenever you want. not the easiet, but it could be better than typing it in all the time.
  8. In my office building, I go in and out of phone service. However, there is an open wifi connection and I can connect to it just fine. However, even though I'm not getting a phone signal yet connected to wifi, I still can't browse the web as I would expect to be able to. Should you be able to browse the web connected to a wifi router when you don't have a phone signal (thus no ATT data connection either)?

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