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  1. boogybren

    meeting invite sends wrong date

    I never did find a solution. I have been a faithful WinMo user ever since the iPAQ days. However I got tired of these weird issues and tired of how bad the OS performed on the hardware given by providers. That being said, I dropped WinMo and moved to a jailbroken iPhone and haven't looked back. Good luck in your quest for answers.
  2. Whenever I create an appointment on my shadow and invite an attendee, when the attendee receives the invite, it shows the date and time that I sent the invite rather than the date and time of the actual appointment. Is there any fix to this?
  3. I know that some functionality can be turned on and others can't because of hardware limitations. However I am curious if 3G can be enabled on a Shadow? Is it a software hack or does it need the actual hardware to do this.
  4. boogybren

    Shadow Mike's Full Screen Neo Theme

    Thanks for the idea! That puts in in my recent call list which is helpful when I dial a number. I was hoping it would put it on my screen while I was on a call to. So after some digging around, I found that the BackgroundImage_Port.bmp is the one I needed to modify. I am attaching it here if someone else would fine it helpful. I am also uploading my BrandingBrick.gif. The one I originially created was black with white letters. This one is white with black letters as to match that particular screen. Thanks again! It looks like when attaching gif's it shows the actual image. So just right click and "Save As" on the image to download it. BackgroundImage_Port.bmp
  5. boogybren

    Shadow Mike's Full Screen Neo Theme

    ShadowMike, I noticed that in one of your packages (can't remember which one, I think in the iPhone one) there was a dial.gif and dial.png. How do you get that to show up on your phone? It would be extremely helpful when calling 1-800-FLOWERS or something like it.
  6. boogybren

    unknown status icon

    Is it the same "upside down pair of glasses" found on your "1" key? If so, check your voicemail, you have a message waiting :D .
  7. boogybren

    What Application is "--"?

    So... I forgot that the file explorer on the device doesn't show file extensions and some system files. The file is actually 63AE.tmp and there is a STP59B3.DLL in that directory as well. Below is the contents of the .tmp file. It appears to be something to do with WAP, perhaps how T-Mobile updates device settings OTA? Since I don't use T-Mobile and if what I am thinking is true, I could probably do without this program. Anyway, here you go! [/codebox]
  8. boogybren

    Shadow Mike's Full Screen Neo Theme

    I have edited that line in both \application data\home\chome.home.xml & \windows\chome.home.xml. Both didn't work :-( Even after a power cycle of the phone. After the phone came back up, I verified that the changes were still there. It's not in the registry is it?
  9. boogybren

    Shadow Mike's Full Screen Neo Theme

    When you unzip or unrar the file you download, you will copy the images you want to \windows. Make sure you pay attention to to what images you copy so that you are getting the "theme" you want. Also, before you copy any of the images to \windows, I would make a backup of the images you currenly have, so if you decide you don't your changes, you just need to copy them back to \windows.
  10. boogybren

    What Application is "--"?

    In \windows\appmgr\--, there is one file: 63AE Not very indicative :-(
  11. I was rummaging through my Remove Programs and noticed this "--" program as shown below. Does anyone know what it is?
  12. boogybren

    Shadow Mike's Full Screen Neo Theme

    I have taken the iTunes icons and modified the base theme to make a simple black. You can get the modified images here. Does anyone know how to change the color of the highlighting on the start menu? As seen below, it is still brown.
  13. boogybren

    Shadow Mike's Full Screen Neo Theme

    I guess I can overwrite it with your file so that's al that matters. But how did you edit it?
  14. boogybren

    Shadow Mike's Full Screen Neo Theme

    Looks great! Thanks for sharing! One question, how did you edit the animated GIF TMO_Shadow.gif? I have tried to rename/delete/overwrite that file and it tells me that it is protected. I have run the app unlocker too. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hmmm. I had no problem at all. The only thing that I can think of that might have allowed me to do this was running the app unlock tool. If you haven't done this, you can give it a shot. Click here for the app unlock tool.

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