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  1. Baby waiting for dad to give back his Blade after flashing :D
  2. dirlan2001

    Dual SIM Android Phone

    Alcatel Blaze OT 918D :D
  3. dirlan2001

    Yet another goodbye thread

    Yah, my Blade is in use with my bro-in-law for now, but I keep it running LOL Fora like these are 'return to case 1' things... In case of doubt with whatever phone, pop in and have a look around Cheers
  4. dirlan2001

    What on Earth happened ...?

    What's wrong with that ? LOL Anyway, dunno about CM ( I ditched it in favour of Moldovan) but you should not only sync with Google, but also make a dump of your contacts on the SD. In the contactslist you can easily export the lot to a *.csv that is readable for any Google flavour... :D
  5. Blade is (was) a FroYo ... I wouldn't hold my breath waiting :D
  6. Hi, No need for that... just follow the instructions on the 1st post that explain how to flash the TPT :) I use a dedicated 1 gig card just for flashing only. My other (16gig) is formatted via CWM before using that 1st time... :D
  7. +1 fast, stable, clean Wouldn't recommend that ... not optimized for normal users Gen1 should be upgraded to Gen2 via TPT. Better partition lauout, better radio's etc ... :D
  8. 3; hmm, AFAIK Swedish Spring was Gen1, other partition layout, radios... Better redo flash with TPT 1.. Battery-stats evolving continiously, try wipe battery-sats in CWM 2.. Have seen that only 1x in GSF when upgrading from b25 to b27 without wiping 3.. Guess that's also due to the fact you didn't TPT the phone, now your partition layout and radio's are a bit 'mixed' up . :D
  9. Hi, Better use the TPT ... it will also update your radio's and give a better partition layout. Cheers :D
  10. After a Swedish Spring we're good for a Swedish Winter then ?
  11. Look at the pic in the 5th post ... :D
  12. 1. Did you check if ever you have an app running or a radio (wifi, BT, GPS ...) running. Speaking of the Radio, did you check the settings in the FM-app ? 2. Did you check, when in App Managment, if the apps are really active or not ? 3. Seems your hitting a memory-wall there. Did you install the Moldovan as-is or did you use the TPT ? :D
  13. How high did you clock it ? In principle anything over 20-25% is murder. The CPU in the Blade isn't fit for OC, it's Big Brother (in Skate or such) has the Turbo and can reach 800...Besides if OC'ing, you also OC the built-in Andreno200 and that can take only as much as 10% extra. :D
  14. You might also get Dolphin HD... works a charm and does clean the caches and history automatically if you wish... :D

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