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    SPeed dial voicemail

    The Verizon Rep was so used to the "normal" way of doing things... it never occured to him (or I) that the letter p would do the same thing as the "insert pause" function available when dealing in the "Contacts" sub menus...
  2. pb

    SPeed dial voicemail

    it worked! Tahnks - I just entered the letter "p" and viola - thanks again...
  3. pb

    SPeed dial voicemail

    Has anyone successfully figured out how to enter pauses in the voicemail? I and the Verizon store have been unable to enter pauses, codes, etc. into the default voicemail speed dial #1- I want to have one button access to retrieve voice mail without having to enter my code and "11" every time. Other phones can do this - indeed, the Verizon Rep was very knowledgable, but could not program this into my phone. I did a workaround, just entered a new entry called "Voicemail" and gave it the speed dial #4. The voicemail phone number is located at: Programs - Settings- call options - Voice Mail Number
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