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  1. Lingerhosen

    Best deal for HTC HD2 on contract

    I went with Vodafone, with an internet deal from Dial-a-phone £40 Handset £40 p/m 12 Month Contract 300 mins (more than I will use) Unlimited texts (if you can get them to leave your outbox, lol) 'Unlimited' data Pretty good deal I thought for a 12 monther. Although VF is quite expensive (36p for a Picture message???) Windows 7 in Jan 2011 :D
  2. Lingerhosen

    Help me decide between Diamond and Sony!

    It's too late. My lurid pink-screened Diamond is freshly blinking in my hand now. I've bought a car charger and am hoping for the best... Especially for the hard of thinking, can someone direct me to the best thread for software updates etc? My head is swimming with ROMs and flashing and God knows what. I want to keep the programs I've got I guess, but hate the pink theme(it's already been designated a girl's phone by the missus) and want it to be a bit quicker. The HTC site says my s/n is incorrect so I can't progress down that route, though to be honest, I haven't got a fracking clue what I'm meant to be doing anyway! I'm not as thick as mince usually, I'm just not understanding all these threads on updating. I can't be the only one! I can't find an idiots guide and boy, do I need one!
  3. People of Modaco land, At risk of being beaten with an array of cellular devices, I nonetheless am trying to choose between 2 phones and would appreciate your learned opinions. I have owned nothing but HTC's finest, since the original SPV, but am sorely tempted to get a Sony W760i now my latest contract is up. It's the battery life that's mainly putting me off, my current VarioII is constantly drained, which is a drag when you're on the move, and the Diamond sounds no better! (Although it does look super-sexy). The Sony has good music credentials and GPS, which are the 2 main things I'm after (can't stretch to the Iphone on my current budget, plus it's a bit chunky I reckon...), and no battery horror stories that I have come across thus far. It was an easyish choice until the upgrade woman slashed the price of the Diamond to £20 on my measly £22.50 W&W tariff. Should I stay within the fold, or try 'the other side?' Go easy on me though folks, there's nothing wrong with a bit of experimentation, is there? Is there...?
  4. Lingerhosen

    GPS - battery and very hot

    God, not sure I can be bothered with another phone that does that. My Vario is forever superheating and switching off in my pocket. I should have sent it back when I originally got it. I can't believe they haven't fixed that bug. Mine usually does it if I get a call/text while it's charging, or if I've not disconnected after using t'internet. Big bag of pants. Where's the Nokia catalogue? Do you still get burnt for heresay around here?
  5. Lingerhosen

    M3100: Spontaneous Combustion edition

    Pants... Can I not just get a warranty swap-out if I speak to T-Mobile? I'm all for the easy life me...
  6. Lingerhosen

    M3100: Spontaneous Combustion edition

    I have a roughly similar problem. Sometimes I find that if it's in my pocket it goes red hot and runs the battery down in less than an hour, even if nothing is turned on, no programs running etc. It does the same when i surf the net (even if only briefly). After disconnecting, the battery drains itself down and suddenly I'm getting reminders about saving my data as the power is low! The only way to avoid it is to switch the phone off after using the internet and back on again. Can't be right, surely?
  7. S'alright, deleted it in a hurry when I realised that it existed (Couple of Tequilas too many), sudden feeling of dread... just as my workmate was exploring my snazzy new toy! We're cool, panic over! :-" (Does anyone else say 'snazzy' any more?) (Just me then?) ("Taxi for a Mister Lingerhosen?")
  8. Not noticed it to be honest. Mind, it was a badly-shot home video of the 'selubrious' kind, so there wasn't much dialogue... :D
  9. What's wrong with the camera? It's FAR better than I expected anyway! I think it's bang on for polaroid type snaps!
  10. Lingerhosen

    T-Mobile VoiceDial Facility

    Well that's all obvious for the PPC newbie 'aint it! Thank-you chaps, it all makes sense now, including having a battery meter for the home screen! About bloody time too! Thank God for these forums or I'd barely be able to use the blessed thing!!! :lol: (Now then... how to actually write texts on it...!)
  11. Lingerhosen

    T-Mobile VoiceDial Facility

    I installed that Cd but there is nothing in the folder for Fonix voice dials. Am I just being stupid? Also, there is a program called Spb GPRS Monitor that just says trial period expired. Whats that all about? Should I just remove it? What trial period? Eh?
  12. Free plus six months half price line rental. Didn't even have to pay postage! That rocks!
  13. Lingerhosen

    Voice Command?

    Mine ran out yesterday. :cry: I ended up shouting "PLAY MUSIC!!" at it in the car, wondering why it was ignoring me, then glanced at the screen to see the expiry message. That sucked. Come on Microsoft!!!!
  14. Lingerhosen

    Which file do I need?

    Being the technical expert I am, I tried them all until one worked properly! ("Process of elimination Watson....") Talking of Spyware, I was having MASSIVE problems with VX2, absolutely NOTHING would shift it. Found the Beta version of Microsofts spyware killer on the security centre site and now my login only takes a few seconds, not thirty or forty. Aha! Eat this, Spyware scum!!!! Good old Bill Gates, not just there for the nasty things in life! :lol:
  15. Lingerhosen

    emulators for JAM

    Morphgear is an amazing emulator , although I have only tried Gameboy ROMs as yet. I had gnu boy on the E200 and I thought that was good, but it didn't play the sounds properly and was a bit slow (obviously partly hardware related!) it was free though, so I'm not complaining! Compared to that though, morphgear is super speedy. One downside is that you have to pay £11.30 for each console emulated (i.e. SNES, Game Gear etc.). You can just use it with out paying but there is a red 'Unregistered' line across the bottom. To be honest, I think I shall just live with it as I have short arms and long pockets! :lol: Definitely worth a look, but can't remember the site name. As I recall I found it within about two minutes of Googling, as I was late for work at the time! You'll have to find your own games via your favourite search engine. There are freeware games around -I think there were some on the morphgear site come to think of it. Anything else is muchas illegal and should not be discussed on here as it is verboten. ("And rightly so", he adds, "fracking criminals!")

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