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  1. Jr6 is really great, thanks Paul! I can't believe the stock build has the nav buttons on the bottom in landscape - it just seems completely wrong ergonomicaly and makes the available screen really narrow. Anyway, one bug I did notice (although it may be a problem with chrome, I'm not sure): when in landscape if you press and hold on the address bar in chrome, the edit buttons seem to be off the top of the screen.
  2. The nexus 7 is better than my iPad in nearly every way, except for when it comes to HTML 5 video. In iOS video in the browser is very smooth and slick. In chrome on the nexus 7 it seems to have a very non-touch optimised interface (buttons are too small), is quite slow and the buttons /slider often don't work in full screen mode. What gives?
  3. I think you get used to it over time. I don't find it as much of a problem after a bit more use. Swype removes the problem all together for me.
  4. I use mine for searching and also for switching wifi on and off (via a wifi toggle assigned to long press on the search button). I really missed it on my SGS2.
  5. Does anyone know of any Intel software specifically for flashing stuff to the device (rather than using fastboot)? I'm thinking like the Odin software or Samsung devices.... Perhaps something like this is useful?: http://download.intel.com/embedded/software/BLDK/325925.pdf
  6. Is there any way to do this without root access? I find that the touch calibration is off at the bottom of the screen (the phone thinks I am touching about 2mm below where I actually am), which causes no end of problems with typing in portrait mode.
  7. Try vibration notifier from the market. It can repeatedly remind you of missed notifications until you turn the screen on, iOS style. Doesn't need root and seems to have no impact on battery life as far as I can tell.
  8. I tried that multitouch visualizer 2 app, and the multi touch is perfect, with up to 5 fingers :) Thus, I'm not sure what causes the problem in the browser/maps....
  9. Actually, playing a bit more, it seem to be related to how you hold your fingers on the screen. If you use just the very tips of your fingers it all works fine (very smooth), but if you have a larger finger contact patch on the screen (eg the sides of your finger tips), that seems to causes problems -either doesn't work or is choppy.
  10. Has anyone else noticed that if you use two fingers to zoom in (spread your fingers apart) it's nice and smooth; However, if you then try to pinch to zoom back out (without lifting your fingers) it doesn't work? It seems to work fine the other way around (pinch first then spread). This seems to occur in all apps (I've tried stock browser, opera and maps). Is this likely a bug in the touch driver, or more problematically some hardware limitation (I remember my nexus one had some hardware problems with multi touch)?
  11. Awesome! Thanks for the tip - I too tried the market opera mobile and found it seemed to suck on x86
  12. Yep the GNex is pentile. I find that it does tend to look a bit grainy. The San diego screen is lovely high res and clear, but seems a bit low contrast compared to an amoled screen. Viewing angles aren't brilliant either, if that matters to you. Incidentally, the photos from the SD look much better imo if you make sure to switch on the back lighting compensation (symbol that looks like a sun behind a door).
  13. Regarding the stock launcher, has anyone else noticed that it becomes really unresponsive if you switch off gestures?
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