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  1. sfleuriet

    Does the Epix include a Pedometer?

    Hah wow I had forgotten about that.. now I remember reading that.. it's definitely nowhere in the Start or Programs menu. Good question.. I guess we can add that to the ever-growing list of bugs.
  2. sfleuriet

    Samsung Epix

    Unfortunately, that didn't work. I checked the box for pop-up notifications of emails, set my email send/rx schedule to 5mins, waited, and all I got was a couple purple LED blinks.
  3. sfleuriet

    Samsung Epix

    You mean the audible email notification might work (with the phone on standby) with the Popup box CHECKED? I'll test that out. About the pop-up text notifications... they clearly stole that from a popular BJII App called SMSBubbles.. its the exact same thing.
  4. sfleuriet

    Samsung Epix

    I agree with #1 completely. Another thing I've noticed with that.. I have the box for Popup alerts for Emails & Texts UNCHECKED. Everytime I restart the phone, they magically become CHECKED again. Extremely annoying. I honestly haven't noticed any problems with the vibrating alert.. I guess I haven't paid attention to it in regards to emails.
  5. sfleuriet

    Samsung i907/Epix/Blackjack III

    Sorry, I never had a problem with it on my BJII in WM6.1
  6. sfleuriet

    Samsung i907/Epix/Blackjack III

    Dont know what you mean by that, but I installed Google Maps and it works perfectly with it (just as it does in WM6.1 on the BJII).
  7. sfleuriet

    Samsung i907/Epix/Blackjack III

    I think the keyboard, touch screen, and mouse combo is perfect. I love having the to use one of the 'soft key' buttons or touching the screen itself. Regarding small things on the screen, my only complaint so far would be the scroll bars - being very thin and on the edge of the screen requires a fingernail or stylus.. makes it tricky.. but still usable.
  8. sfleuriet

    Samsung i907/Epix/Blackjack III

    This is really an amazing phone... I'm really loving it!
  9. sfleuriet

    Samsung i907/Epix/Blackjack III

    Thanks for posting the specs - the i907 is clearly much more powerful. I can tell you the middle button (formerly the trackwheel on the BJII) is definitely the optical on-screen mouse. I used it briefly, and it seems like something I could get used to. Not sure how quickly navigation would be possible with it, but you could use that instead of the touchscreen if you wanted. Yes its true - this may not technically be the BJIII - I can see the arguments for both sides. I guess the only other thing we can do is wait and see what Samsung comes out with next.
  10. I took some road trips to go see/use the new Samsung Epix/i907 in person today. I loved it, and just ordered one. Quite a hit to the wallet since I wasn't eligible for the 2-yr discounted upgrade from AT&T, BUT I think it will be well worth it. Anybody else getting one right away?
  11. sfleuriet

    Samsung Epix or Blackjack III?

    That would be my guess... i cant wait to get it.. im calling all the stores to see if anyone has one on display :lol:
  12. Anything new on the BJIII? One of those sites said Oct 21st would be the launch date...
  13. sfleuriet

    Camera Lens Cover

    Well I tried demeling it with a tiny amount of polishing compound, and from the outside the lens looks great, but on screen the entire camera picture is blurry. I think I made some hairline cracks in the lens. Oh well. I would just advise nobody should dremel their camera lens lol
  14. sfleuriet

    Camera Lens Cover

    Thanks - I might try using my dremel with polishing wheel. Should I try with polishing compound? I'm afraid that might make a mess of the phone.. probably a good idea to take it apart. I'd hate to go to all this trouble though, if the BJIII is about to come out :lol:
  15. sfleuriet

    Camera Lens Cover

    I've had my BJII for a while (always in my pocket with my keys), so the camera lens is pretty scratched now.. and its affecting the quality of pictures & videos quite a bit... is there a reasonably cheap way to buy a new lens cover or upper backplate for the phone?? Thanks

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