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  1. twistedpain183

    WMWifiRouter v0.91

    if you reboot your shadow after you try to install it, it should let you install. though i have been unsuccessful in making it work. lookin for a resolve to the problem. also running WM6.1
  2. so iv tried moving around the shortcuts that are placed in my start menu hoping to clean i up abit since there is quite abit there, but when i move stuff it just restores it self back creating two copies... is there a way to fully edit the start menu?
  3. yeah i have tried all 3 types of chargers actually, and they all do the same thing... went to a t-mobile store and used one there to test it and it wouldnt even work either. the phone has actually gotten worse! at first i was actually able to make calls on it now it wont even even allow me to keeps searching for a network. i think im SOL on this and going to have to invest in a new one... :D
  4. just randomly my phone stoped working and powered off, at the time i had blue tooth enabled and figured it just drained it quick. i have the recent firmware installed, aswell as any updates that are there for it. tmobile says im outa warrentee cuz i bought it off ebay and didnt know that my warrentee was going be voided... here are the screen shots i have that explain my problem. im at the end of the line as im going on vacation here soon any and all advice you can give me im will to try anything to get my phone working again! thanks keep in mind that after about 1 - 5 min the charge light goes off and when i check the status its unkown... any details i left out that might help you please ask and ill fill you in on anything i didnt clearify.
  5. twistedpain183

    SOLID RED LED Battery fault?

    preforming a hard reset didnt fix the problem. still have the same issue with stock settings and apps. after 5% charging it changes to unknown and amber charge light turns off... anything else that could cause this problem? side note: removing the mini sd card seemd to help and battery status returned to normal but when i suck it back in the problem came back and now its there without the sd card in.
  6. twistedpain183

    T-mobile software update problems

    bump* i also have this issue as well... hmm, when i power it off and turn it back on that problems seems to go away for awhile. as far as i know once you flash it to the new i dont think you can return to the old.
  7. twistedpain183

    SOLID RED LED Battery fault?

    my issue seems worse, and its probally a faulty phone but i have it for more than a month. it happenend to me when i was running bluetooth and talking on it, my headset cut out then the warning apeared and it just powered off. figuring the phone crashed or something i turned in on to find the nothing was wrong, battery reported 80%. 10 seconds later it powered off again! i was using the phone prior to the problem, and now i cant make it charge for anything says battery status is unknown and after pluging it in min or two the amber led turns off and i get a little X near the battery. im not sure what to do now.. phsically theres nothing wrong with it. im going to see if i add insurence to my plan then wait a day then see if i can get them to fix it if there is no way to resove the issue... thanks for your help.
  8. twistedpain183

    Thinking Icon

    i also have the same issue, and now mine wont charge... i dunno if the two are linked but, it does pop up at random intervuls...
  9. i searched and looked around couldnt find anything specific to my question. is there a way to back up some of the text msgs that are saved on my phone to my computer? i was able to do this with the z3 rizr, and i would like to save a few from this phone as well. thanks!

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