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  1. On all my other cell phones, you could see what SID you were in by going to phone settings/phone info (or some variant thereof). Can't seem to find where the current SID is on the i600. Has anyone found where it is, and how to get to it? Thank you.
  2. So far so good, but the confounded low battery indicator that chirps is driving me crazy. It starts going off when the battery icon shows 1 bar of power left, even though there's approx. 30-35% of the power left. It chirps even if you put the phone on vibrate (meeting) mode. Spoke to Samsung today, and they say there's no way to turn it off. If we're stuck with that noise, however, and it forces us to change batteries when there's 30-35% of the power left, it effectively makes the battery life even shorter than it really is. There's got to be a way to hack that low battery chirping sound off. Can anyone provide any hints on how to do it? Thanks.
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