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  1. YAAARRRRRR. Which 6.1 that be? I have Kavana's WM6.1 on my Dash (final release). I am interested to know if it will read micro sd cards > 2gb...
  2. Trying to view WM9 content using TCPMP on my Dash... I've got two .dll files for the WM9 codec and I cannot see them on my phone when I use file explorer so I cannot drop them into the \Windows directory. I cannot manipulate files in the \Windows directory either. Even after using an app unlocker. No permission to overwrite or delete anything in there. Really need some help...
  3. Hope you haven't lost faith! PocketSNES tgetfile.dll Google both and then google for the ROMS. I use this with Super Mario Allstars (best SM3 version evar). Once you have PocketSNES just drop it somewhere on your Dash. After you install tgetfile you'll be able to search your Dash for roms to open. Now getting the roms...I don't really know. I'd say to Google them or go to thepiratebay.org or isohunt.com, etc... o0
  4. You gotta listen, man. It doesn't matter if you think that this may not be it or if you think that IE may not be the problem. It doesn't matter that things should work a certain way. It is still very possible for them not to. If you ask for help, follow the advice given. Disregarding possible troubleshooting and solutions because you think it won't work will get you nowhere and will waste the time of those that try to help you with your problem.
  5. I'm sure you did not understand his request. It's OK though. Here's what AgentM is getting at: Once you switch the joggr around so that it works for scrolling, application opening, and backwards navigating just WHAT becomes of the volume control? Does one leave the volume where it was before the joggr tweak(s) and deal OR is there another way to continue to control the level of volume on your Dash?
  6. BTW If anyone has figured out how to get the \Windows and other hidden directories to show up when file viewing from a PC please post here or link a related thread!
  7. TMO startup and shutdown.gif cannot be deleted, renamed, or moved from \Windows. Even with an app unlock (if you're able to, let me know how!). I used the above-quoted method. Just use the GIMP, Photoshop, or whatever and create a 320x240 .gif or .jpg. I used jpegs cuz I'm cool like that. This worked just fine. Just drop the .jpg files into \Windows (place somewhere on phone and use file explorer to move them to \Windows). Once you have them in there just update HKey_Local_Machine\System\Startup and HKey_Local_Machine\System\Shutdown (keys are located in '2' subfolder) to point at the new images. I do not think there is a need to update \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Sounds\SystemStart\ or \SystemShutdown\ to reflect the new screens but I did anyway. Also \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Sounds\SystemStart\ is where I pointed the registry to a different startup sound and that worked out.
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