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  1. Nottach has covered the 6.1 issue many times, he has a topic here that you can check out and there's plenty of posts here in Modaco about it. I think they keep pushing the release date back. If you're looking for some cooked roms for the Tilt (which is really easy to re-flash, I had it's older cousin the HTC 8125) head over to the forums at xda-developers for some more info and roms. Most/all of the cooked roms contain unlicenced software, therefore against Modaco rules.. If you just want to get rid of the ATT crap on your Blackjack, there's plenty of info here on how to do it. Mostly, it involves editing the Windows Mobile registry in various ways. CeRegEditor is available here, and is free... it's also easy to use.
  2. I had the same issues at first. It was easy to fix. 1.) On your phone: go into activeSync and click Menu then go down to Options. 2.) Here you will see one or many of the relationships that your phone has with various computers. (I have 4, but you might have 1) 3.) Select them one by one (they might have names such as "Windows PC1" through "Windows PC4" or whatever you named the conection in your phone) 4.) most important part. Click Menu and Delete. This will delete the conections with your PC, and you can start fresh with WMDC6 or whatever. Don't worry, it won't delete any real data from the phone just divorce it from the computer so it can marry your new Vista. [EDIT] By the way, you can repair your connections with Outlook and Notes using the same method, that is if you use those to manage your contacts and notes...
  3. Update: I tried a ton of different setting for Windows Media Player to get all the lag and de-sync out. Even with settings way too low for acceptable quality, I couldn't get Windows Media Player to agree with me. I have given up on it.... I tried to help. It works great for audio, but for video you really should get something else. I use the Divx Player which I linked to above. But you gotta use the DivX codecs, so I just encode to it with TVC. Alot of users like CorePlayer Mobile, find it here for free but I didn't care for it. Good news is it will play many/most video codecs.
  4. You can disable the startup and shutdown animation, and you can set IE to go to a different homepage other than ATT's MediaNet. That's about as close to "de-branding" as it gets I think. I was working on a custom animation for days but couldn't get it to work. Not sure why either. I had it completed and repackaged, but no luck getting it to actually run, so I gave up for now. Here's a copy/paste from the post I had going on it: [Paste] ...the startup and shutdown animations are quite rediculous. The sounds are awful too, but are easy to replace (see my other post). If you've spent much time poking around the phone, these forums, or a registry editor, then you will know that the file which contains this goofy animation is OemAnimationsDll.dll This is a Dynamic Link Library which windows will report as an "application extension". It is fairly large, at about 1.9 Mb. Now to open it up take a recource editor, and I'm using PE Explorer. Inside is 40 images. 20 for the startup and 20 for the shutdown, all in PNG format. So far, I've openend it up and exported all the image files. Having experience with animations, I had no problem making a good looking animation to my liking. After backing up the original of course, I replaced the 20 startup and 20 shutdown images in the .dll file with PE Explorer. Then I recompiled it with PE Explorer, keeping the right filenames of course. That's about as far as I can get. I've put it back on the phone, but it does nothing at either startup or shutdown. I know the filename is right. With the file in Windows, you can right click on properties and after a few more clicks it becomes clear that there is a Samsung security certificate installed on the original file... This is where I think the problem might be. Obviously mine doesn't have the Samsung security certificate... but I was able to install one from the original, supposedly. [edit] I put the factory AT&T animation back on it, and that works fine, so at least I know I didn't "break" anything.. [/edit] [/Paste]
  5. Correct. There is a port for one, underneath the battery cover and under the round black cover (which is, apparently, just a stupid sticker..) The Samsung seems to use the standard FME type port. All you would need to do is modify your battery cover. Basically this means drilling a hole so you can keep your battery cover on/closed while still using the port. Here's some good links I found on port types and connectors: Cell phone antenna plugs types / locations. The website also has plenty of things to buy, but I wouldn't buy there. If I find a halfway inexpensive one, I'm buying it. It shouldn't be more than $20.
  6. Thats what I do too. I'm not sure what he means by "auto lock" but I never used the BJ1, which he says has this feature...??? Is it a feature that locks the phone automatically when it sits idle for a set time??? In my opinion, that would be more of a pain than usefull.
  7. By the way, the reason it is jumpy is because your settings are actually too high! LOL now I know this is counter-intuitive, but just remember, your phone has a tiny processor that has to process all this audio and video. When the FPS and especially bitrate!!! are too high, then your phone has a hard time processing it all successfully, thereby causing audio/video lag and audio de-sync with the video. The lowest settings for audio and video quality that you can deal with and be happy, the better it is for your phone to process. It's like trying to watch a high definition video on an old old computer, it will be choppy and out of sync. Also, if the video does fall out of sync (often happens after about an hour straight of a long video) then the Divx Mobile player has an adjustment +/- for video sync. It's in the Menu under Settings. One more thing, having a bunch of other programs running on the phone will guarantee a huge lag and de-sync. The phone keeps lots of apps running untill you end them with the Program Manager. Hold down the Home button to bring up the Program manager and stop other programs.
  8. Ahhh finally something I'm an expert at :D lol. Total Video Converter is one of my favorite programs next to photoshop and firefox. I've been using for years. Here's what I do to get 2-hour movies and smaller to play well on my phone. 1.) Download and install the Divx Mobile player to your phone, It's free. (you need to make a login, though) 2.) Drag and drop your video file into TVC and click on DivX/Xvid Avi, and from the drop down list select DivX Mpeg4 Avi 3.) now when the video is loaded into TVC, click on "lower quality" and click on Settings. 4.) input the following settings and click "Save and Apply" (don't forget to do this or it won't convert using the settings) _____________________________________________ Audio: Sample rate: original sample rate (usually 44,100Hz or 48,000Hz) Bitrate: 112 Kbps (slightly less than cd quality of 128) Channels: Mono (stereo is unnecessary since the BJI/BJ2 has one speaker.. use stereo if you really want..) Codec: mp3 Video: Frame Rate: 24 or 25 Fps (frames per sec. ok quality) Bitrate: 200 or 225 (ok quality.. don't go below 200 or quality suffers) Codec: Mpeg4 Size: 320x240 _____________________________________________ 5.) click Save and Apply, and convert. 6.) drop the video into your phone... 7.) start Divx Mobile on your phone, click Menu, click Refresh List. Voila! If you really want to use the Windows Media Player (which unanimously sucks for video), you will have to use one of the MS Mpeg Avi formats.. But you can still use the above settings.
  9. Another thing to try: the older unlock method (which I successfully used many times) which involves provisioning the security policies through your connected PC. It is outlined here, yes the instructions are for the Moto Q but applies to the Blackjack also. This should allow you to tweak and install with no problems... just a thought. By the way, my device has all the same versions as yours. But I have not tried Surreal App Unlock since the provisioning method worked fine.
  10. Exactly. Basically you have to backup your entire ROM (standard and extended rom) and My Documents and whatever. Then you can reflash back to 6.0 with most or all of your original stuff. Might have to resinstall some programs, but no big deal. If I find a good, reliable ROM backup program then I'll post it. I had one for my HTC but can't find it again and not sure it would work..
  11. Big suprise lol. Windows is good at releasing product that hardware cannot run well. My brand new top of the line HP laptop came with Vista, and runs slowly, even with additional ram (maxed out). My HTC Wizard came with WM 5.0, ran good. Upgraded it to WM 6.0 and ran slowly. Isn't there a WM 6.1 for the BJ1? Probly runs slow as _______. I'm still working on a good solid backup method for my WM 6 Blackjack before I go loading WM 6.1 on it.
  12. This is a pretty cool program, since I have to commute a long way to my colleges (at "highway" speeds). I got it working right away no probs. Still trying to get it to work with my Google Maps mobile. That would be awesome.
  13. Still looking for a decent ROM backup utility... grrr.. Can't find the one I used on my HTC.. Nottach what did you use to do a backup?
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