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  1. The biggest thing the Moto G is missing for me is 4G support. 4G is still a niche product but with three planning to roll out 4G availability for all customers from next month that could change very quickly.
  2. This is the app I installed. http://www.windowsph...6b-97c44b49a20c I then just logged in with the username and password I'd used on the Android version of the app and all my licenses were carried over - IIRC I might have needed to try logging in twice but it definitely worked
  3. Paholman, another advantage to CoPilot is that any maps you buy on Android are also available on other platforms. I picked up a cheap Nokia 520 as a backup phone and also to try out WP8 generally and was delighted to discover that, once I'd downloaded the free CoPilot base app and logged in, my European maps and free traffic update were available to download without any further purchase.
  4. If they can get the pricing right on the Fonepad Note I'll fight you to be first in line in the queue :)
  5. I rooted my Nook and installed Gapps using NookManager but I've found that the USB connection drops whenever I try transferring data over it. It's somewhat random so I might be able to transfer a single ebook but `if I try sening a dozen or so over from Adobe Digital Editions I'll run into problems. I tried reverting back to stock using the Factory Reset option in Nook manager but that didn't seem to help, but rolling back using the backup I took before rooting does seem to have resolved the problem. Has anyone else come across a similar problem ?
  6. What I'm hoping for is 1) a common CPU for all versions of the phone. None of this rumoured US (and possibly UK) get Snapdragon 600s while the rest of the world gets octa-core Exynos 5, malarky. 2) a BIIIG battery. I don't care if it means the SGS4 is thicker than the iPhone, stick a battery in there that will comfortably run the phone for a weekend on a single charge. I strongly suspect that battery life is one of the reason the Note phones have been such a hit and since they are scaling up the SGS4 to near Note size then skimping on battery capacity in favour of looks would be a backwards step. 3) Wacom digitizer. The Note 2's S-Pen is one if it's greatest features so the ability to use it with the (probably 1080p) screen of the SGS4, even if you have to buy it seperately, would be lovely. 4) Removable battery and micro-SD card slot. Oh and a stock keyboard with a number row - though that's probably just cos I'm weird like that.
  7. First thoughts are no microSD and shipping with android 4.1. The rest of the hardware and software may be nice but those are odd omissions (hopefully HTC have managed to work out how to keep the 1080p screen from killing the battery as it did on the DNA)
  8. If the BBCs own metrics are showing the Nexus 7 as one of the most popular devices why did they remove support for the Nexus 7 in yesterday's update of the BBC News app ? It's clear the BBC has a heavy Apple idevice bias but they could at least try to look like they give a damn about the quality of the Android apps they release.
  9. If the pathetic storage is to push the cloud onto unwilling users, you'd think Google would ensure the Google cloud service are actually universally available before they sell the phone :(
  10. They reviewed this over at Android Police a while back and it sounds surprisingly good http://www.androidpolice.com/2012/06/19/fuhu-nabi-2-review-a-quad-core-android-4-0-tablet-designed-just-for-your-kids-and-its-surprisingly-awesome/ Also it's now rooted so GApps are available as well
  11. I wonder how many customers EE has to sign up to cover the rollout costs and what they'd do if (when ?) they don't get them ?
  12. Got my DealExtreme USB Ethernet adaptor yesterday and I can confirm that it works just fine even when connected via a cheap unpowered USB hub. http://dx.com/p/usb-2-0-10-100mbps-rj45-lan-ethernet-network-adapter-dongle-34691
  13. I'm currently using the Finless 1.4 ROM from here and wifi seems to be pretty stable with it, thought I haven't done any speed testing with it yet. http://www.freaktab.com/showthread.php?1661-ug802-Android-mini-PC-TV-Player-Finless-ROM-1-4-Custom-ROM The PC Based install process is a little tricky to get sorted but I found it worked much more reliably if I made sure that ADB Debugging was turned off on the stick.
  14. Google want you to use their content ecosystem and limiting onboard storage is how they seem to have decided to encourage users to do that. The fact that most of that ecosystem isn't actually available outside the US doesn't seem to have registered as a problem with Google yet...
  15. The cheapest option would be to try a USB extension cable. That was you can move the wireless dongle away from the unit and reduce any risk of interference.
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