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  1. A 1Ghz snapdragon CPU..... For the damn price we should have gotten a 800Hmz at least!
  2. Zzim

    FPSce on Touch pro2

    Its working and working well with FPSECE .10, runs most games a 40 to 50 FPS. Dips down to 30 at some points, but for the most part games a very playable. Now if only we could get an SNES emu that runs well with sound and 100%. We can play PSX games but not snes game.... retarted EH?
  3. Any one get and and get it working. I cant seem to find out how to make it work. Tried the winCE_ms / winCE_wildcomm / smartphone drivers in both the 1500 and the 1502 driver pack and all i get is a connection error when I try to activate the game pad. Its the MSI version. I have a Sprint Touch Pro 2
  4. As far as i can tell no, the bgp 100 does not i have been trying to get it to work for a long time.
  5. Ok so this is my issue, KforTP no longer works on my Sprint US Touch Pro 2. It was working but I had an issues with my phone and I did the clear storage thing and reset it. The first time I installed KforTP it said found suchandsuch.dll(Dont remember what it was called) during the cab install. After clearing the storage and reinstalling the cab I didnt get this msg and it will no longer let me map keys to PocketSNES or Morphgear. I dont have a ctrl key because the sprint version dont come with one.....yea stupid i know. If any one has any quick fixes for ths or if I need to add a .dll somewhere that would be great. At the moment I cant play my emulators anymore and its driving me crazy. K for Raphael does not work either, why does maping a keyboard have to be so frustrating!
  6. Zzim

    PocketSNES 1.53

    I have the Sprint Touch Pro 2 and I can get this to load roms with the WVGAFIX3 but you can not map the keyboard. I am using KfotTP to try and fix this issue, it will map the correct keys in the menu, however when plaing the game after nothing works no matter what I press. KforTP fix my issues with n0p's version of PocketSNES but it does not run as fast as this one. Please give us the source code so we can try and fix this ourselves. Thanks. I can also look into the FF3 Map issues and the save state problems.

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