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  1. tks to all developers and chefs for their support to SGS! this phone is definitely gonna b a killer phone!!!
  2. hey, well. i used a piece of paper to first get the shape out...slight smaller than the actual side... then trimmed the screen protector using the paper as a guide line, and voila~~ anyway...i had to cut the a 3rd time to get a better shape. haha...my hands arent listening to what my brain is saying at times~
  3. yea...just as come people said... all samsung phones that comes with tv-out capability will work with nokia's 3.5mm jack tv-out cables. and also....ear pieces for nokia will also work with galaxy s. =D
  4. i noticed this issue too... basically....i got myself a back casing to protect the side and back of the phone. as for the front...a normal screen protector! and for the home button...i bought a cheap protector and scaled it down to fit it in to prevent anything... worked well for me... unless you wanted something of extreme quality...probably you guys can try the zagg overall protector for SGS. Had tried the samsung omnia version before, gotta say that is kciks ass!
  5. nt sure if its only me. I've used almost all of ur roms sector! and i LOVE THEM! thus gonna list out what i've encountered using this latest M3 rom. Everything as great, except for the phone locking part. My phone's lock screen failed to load up during times like: 1. plugged in charging cable while in 'standby' mode (meaning screen is off) 2. if phone goes into standby mode with another application active: eg, messaging or windows messenger. The phone's buttons and screens will be deemed useless during this scenario, and the phone WASNT HANGED, hee. Can only fix this by removing my battery~ and start up the phone with the lock-screen activated. Did anyone encountered the same problem?
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