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  1. So beside the who's-screwing-who and the birthday party, has anyone tried this to see if it works? I don't own a diamond, but was just curious...
  2. Happy Ending... I finally got voip on my Touch to work. The ipdialplan.xml file was incorrect. It had the phone dialing a 9 before the number. I also corrected the area code for from 425 to 916 for 7-digit dialing. Its hard to believe that m$ would have such a stupid default configuration. YA
  3. Yes, it shows allo.com in the dialpad. when i dial, it states 'dialing' then ends in a few seconds.
  4. Mine does the same thing, except I cannot make or recieve calls. It must be my voip provider. who are you using?
  5. This is easier said than done. After reading the 70+ pages of the forum, you will find a good number of people (including me) that have problems. I have a voip plan through allo.com that works from any pc, but I cannot get it to work from wm6 and my touch.
  6. yes and now and it depends on who you ask. to explain, it may not come with the touch, but you can download the files required. I have a touch, and so far cannot get voip to work with my sip provider (allo.com). Other have got it to work.
  7. For some reason, I cannot save any edits to my registry. Im using phm registry editor.
  8. OK, day 2 of full use and it went alot better than day 1. Battery lasted from 8am to 11am the next day w/o charging. I have two email accounts, one direct push exchange and the other pop3 checking every 15 minutes. I also talked about an hour, and spend an hour surfing the next. Im please, except with my Portland incident. It will make me worry when I travel with the device. After using the i320, the buttons (phone, home, etc) are badly placed. I constantly hit the phone and end call button when I pressed the right and left pad. Also for some reason, the edge transfer speed is faster than any phone I had recently (e.g i320 or sp5). With the 1mb test on dspreport.com, I get over 200kbps. Rich
  9. Do you have edge or utms service? mine is still on edge.
  10. Well, my frist complete day with the phone and two charged batteries. It was a complete loss. First, I had to go to Portland OR from my home in Sacramento CA (about 500miles). When I got there, my phone would not work consistently. I could make a phone cal or two, then I would loose service. Power cycling the phone would give me another call or two, then that was it. Then there was battery life. about 8 hours per battery. Since the phone was acting screwy, it may have been prematurely draining the battery. As usual, calling Zingualr support gave no help. Usual stupid suggestions (power cycle phone even after I told them I have done it 100 times, remove the battery, etc). Now that Im back home, the phone is in working order. Today, Im off to San Fransisco CA, so I hope my phone does not go crazy again. Personally, I think Zingular has a problem either with the 3g phones, or correctly provisioning my phone. I'll report back latter on battery and phone usage. Rich
  11. wow... I just did a speed test using dslreports.com... got a rate og 193kbits/second...the best I ever got with edge in this area was 53kbits/sec.
  12. An odd thing is happening... I have had the phone connected to my computer for 2+ hours, and the battery is still not fully charged. Also, I just have the media net unlimited at 19/mo. They did not try to sell me the upgrade at all, which is odd. They did say that the phone will not be provisioned for the 3g network... we will see.
  13. Well, got mine. I have and i320, so its very simular. Basically, its very cool. For some reason, it cost me 179.34 out the door. What a deal. I did not pay the $40/mo for the high speed data (yet). The screen is a bit bigger, and for some reason, sharper. Its charging right now while Im loading all my favorite programs. Report back when I use it a bit.
  14. I usually get a day w/o charging on my i320, which is spec'ed at 5 days standby and 3 hours talk. The i607 is spec'ed at 11 days standby and 5 hours talk. So, it should be better, but we will see Thursday...
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