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  1. jporch316

    LG Wallpaper

    Guys Can anyone get / post the LG wallapers that are standard on the Optimus - Due to my stupidity Ive lost them all! - you know the ones - wood flooring, american football etc etc Cheers
  2. jporch316

    GT540 2.1 Update is official

    Great - ive been wondering when 2.1 would be released ............................... oh .......... hang on - ive already done it :rolleyes:
  3. jporch316

    *Still* no official update!?!

    Like you I waited until the update was officially available on the LG update tool before upgraded (saturday just gone). I updated and everything was fine apart from something Ithought was a problem but it wasnt. Ive since flashed my phone (using the refernence thread in this forum) and its a piece of cake. Ive tried a couple of roms and now im back on the cpw 2.1. I can confirm that it is identical to the orignal LG official update. Dont worry - just do it!
  4. jporch316

    ArcMedia Video Player

    Thanks mate - ive downloaded and will try tonoght - I cant understand why its available on europe 2.1 but not cpw 2.1!
  5. jporch316

    ArcMedia Video Player

    It wont play the mpeg files I have - the built in player says unable to play video - arcmedia plays them ok
  6. jporch316

    ArcMedia Video Player

    Arcmedia i used for playing mpeg videos and it worked a treat Heres the link http://www.arcmediasoft.com/arcMedia/index.aspx Its not avialable on the market place -(dont know if this is due to upgrade to 2.1 or just pulled) - Ive also tried the barcode scanner on the link above which says object not found and ive tried appbrain which finds it to begin with and adds to my download list but then says object not found when i press install? If anyone is still running on 1.6 can they check that this app is still in the market?
  7. jporch316

    Cant see text when composing sms - cpw 2.1

    Well well - you were right - it never even ocurred to me Thanks
  8. jporch316

    ArcMedia Video Player

    guys i used ArcMedia video player a lot before the 2.1 update. Now it just isnt found on the android market. Ive also tried appbrain which finds the program but says its not available. Is this because it s not compatible with 2.1 or has it been pulled from the mrket? If anyone has the .apk file and is willing to share please let me know Cheers
  9. When i downloaded and installed facebook app i had the choice for the phone to auto update all my phonebook contacts with their facebook profile pics. This didnt pick up many! Is there a way to associate a phonebook contact with a facebook contact one by one? cheers
  10. Anyone using the new 2.1 cpw rom got this problem - when im composing a text the suggested words list covers the text im typing???? Its as iff the suggested words list is on the wrong part of the screen. This never happened on 1.6 Anyone know an easy fix?
  11. Hi - thanks - do you know if there is a way that I can actually get rid of the notification so that it doesnt appear ever? at the moment its permanently resding in my bar - id rather not see it at all if possible. My phone is rooted if that helps
  12. Yeah i think ive worked it out - after another reflash with the kdz updater - its because i signed up for Tmobile/ orange network share (in uk). Means wherever tmobile signal drops orange kicks in - didnt get this icon on 1.6 - its the only thing i can think of! Cheers mate
  13. think ill try and reflash it the hard way! must be something to do with the rom install - there no way I can reapply the rom with the LG updater is there?
  14. sorry to post this in its own topic but im literally stumped. I upgraded to 2.1 cpw through official updater last night and imediately had the number "1" in my notification bar - no matter what I do I cant get rid of it - its like a black box with a grey 1 in it. Ive tried factory reset but it is always there Anyone any ideas??
  15. ok - tried factory reset from the menu and holding vol up home and search but still got the number 1 ?

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