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  1. Hi, I can connect the usb cable to the phone to view the internet but i can't with bluetooth. I have paired the devices but when i try to dial up to the internet i get an error 777 code. I have put my phone number in the connect box on the laptop, is this right? should i put some sort of code there instead? :angry: I tryed phoning t mobile and the said check www.bluetooth.com which doesn't help one bit. :D Or should i forget all the above and do a pan connection, whatever that is? :D Could anyone give me a step by step guide on how to set up a pan? Thanks
  2. LOL. :D What complete and utter tosh. The Diamond does have its flaws, but 2 stars, they really need to get some decent testers at pcpro.
  3. yea, I noticed that you have to be quite firm with the touch screen too. I've got used to it now though.
  4. O.K. Forget the first post, just done a hard rest, must of had wrong settings. Just did a small trip to the shop and it locks onto the signal faster than my old tomtom go, plus its a doddle to use but has plenty of features too. I prefer the software to my tomtom go but the tomtom has a nice big screen. I am very impressed with it. :D
  5. Seems the gps on the diamond isn't that good to me. Really struggles to get locked on to a satalite. Looks like good software though.
  6. Just ordered mine. £25 combi plus wnw on a 12 month contract, paid £20 for phone though. :D
  7. Not got one yet. Was thinking the new acer aspire one. Its not got amazing reviews but very tempted for the price.
  8. awarner (MVP)Posted Today, 11:48 Don't think so, Omnia is being shown on the net as around the £500 mark for the 8GB version. That is the initial release price so when it finally hits the shelves we will see. Arhhhh, why did you have to say that! Now I don't know what to do again. :D
  9. Diamond plus an ultra mobile pc for me. This combo beats the omnia and probably cheaper? :D
  10. Phoned t-mobile customer services today. They didn't have a clue what the diamond or the compact 4 was. She said it wasn't even on the system. A little wait yet,imo.
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