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  1. do a google search for "Modaco NODATA" "nodatainroaming" or "dialup enabler disabler" they all install using a cab file and you can easyly change weather or not to have the GPRS enable
  2. do any of you have sleeping beaty problem with this rom? (Does not wake up when the lock button is pressed while WIFI is on) if not, can you tell me what CSC are you using becouse I think that could be the reason for that problem . I am having that problem with most roms even after a fresh start ( hard reset) thanks in advance for the info.
  3. that's weird it doesnt show the pics. I just tried it for about half and hour yesterday but had no problem with any of the tabs. I just followed the guide on this forum for installing sense 2.5 The only thing I can think of is that you have lots of pics and it lags while it scans the pics. It should display them or maybe you skip a soft reset somewhere in the instalation process
  4. hey daskalos, how is the sense 2.5 working for you with this rom? I tried it yesterday with 23549 and it was a bit laggy, usable but pictures and music taps could not be use at the same time ( browse pictures while playing music) at the end I did a hard reset, let us know what you think
  5. Thanks for keeping our devices up to date with the latest releases I have been using your roms for a while now and there are a couple of things I have to ask 1. How to change the startup animation? ( I have installed cab versions and also used JWMD but they dont seem to work) for example: metro startup 2. Do you know how to make the rhodium dialer to work with your roms? ( my brother has a Touch pro and I really like the feature to call several people at once) 3. What comm manager do you personally think is best? ( I am using Xperia X2 comm manager right now which I thing is better than samsung thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for sharing I test it on omnia pro B7610 and benchmark results are increased by almost 50%
  7. I'll admit it, I am a Stylus freak. I collect stylus pens ( 2 HP, 1 palm, 1 lamy, other generics etc) SInce 6.5.3 I dont use it to navigate through the menus but for input (excel, handnotes etc) I have tested the HD2 and I'm probably alone in this but I find more advantages on resistive screens over capacitive.
  8. Hi there, I had the same issue after flashing a new 6.5.5 rom anyway I was visiting to argentina so at the time I didn't know if it was rom, gps or crappy reception overthere. After a lot of testing what helped me was dissabling A-GPS (XTRA) changing to Program port COM6 Baud Rate:9600 I can get a fix i 1 to 2 minutes which is normal waitting time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EN ESPAÑOL Me sucedio lo mismo mientras estaba de viaje por Argentina usando una nueva rom 6.5.5. En el momento no sabia si el problema era por la rom, gps o que en el pais (dentro de la cuidad) la recepción era muy mala. El problema fue resuelto desabilitando el servidor XTRA (usando el menu de opciones samsung) cambiando el puerto a COM6 en la configuracion de gps y Baud rate 9600, espero que te sirva de ayuda.
  9. hey thanks for making this guide and providing all in one place for the sense 2.5
  10. I think it depends on which has better maps for your area or the area you plan to use it. I have used Garmin mobile xt on my last 3 devices and it works great (also it is the only one with usable Venezuela maps) I tried nDrive and I think is really cool one but again maps have no support at all for the areas i frequently travel to
  11. yes, thats what i did, and everything working normal after.
  12. I believe there is an option in Advance config tool 3.3, google it
  13. thanks for the info. I was just about to flash this new version to see if it works. By the way I dont know why but megaupload is not working here in argentina. do you have another mirror for it? would it be to much to ask to have an 4shared one maybe. thanks
  14. I tried the reg tweaks on daskalos 6.5.5 rom but didn't work and when I turned GPS on the phone locks (ony way was to soft reset)
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