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  1. Pls hlp! I cannot find a sim unlock tool for HTC Alpine or O2 XDA 2I If anyone knows where there is one le me know. Thanx Calosas :rolleyes:
  2. calosas

    M5000 and Tom tom

    Hi, just upgraded from spv c500 to spv m1500. Tom tom mobile 5 worked fine on the c500 but wont work on the m1500. please help!! :cry:
  3. calosas

    How To Setup Tomtom 5 On K-jam

    Hi, just upgaded my spv c500 to an spv m1500. My tomtom mobile 5 software worked fine on the c500 but I cant get it to work on my M1500. Please Help!!! :cry:
  4. calosas

    E200 Issues - Discussion

    Hi, Have an SPV E200, trying to activesync to my PC but connection setup says 'device not found. Trying to connect via USB. Have activesync 1.6. Please Help!!

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