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  1. Proxy support is currently experimental and undocumented. You'll need to exit Palringo, and edit the following registry settings before relaunching it: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Parlingo/Settings -Change "Connection/Proxy/Host" to YOUR PROXY HOST -Change "Connection/Proxy/Port" to YOUR PROXY PORT -Change "Connection/Proxy/Type" to 1 If you choose to try this, please let me know how you get on :D
  2. Let's analyze this a little more in-depth from a technical point of view... After balancing florin's claims against POFs posts at XDA-Developers I have the following throughts on Florin's claims: "The "softSPL" (RAM BOOT) technology was an IMEI-CHECK invention" There are two things wrong with this assertion. The first is suggesting that the 'technology' of running code from RAM as opposed to ROM is an 'invention'. The second is the implication that since florin used that method, it is wrong for POF to do the same. Technically: The claim that running code from RAM as opposed to ROM is an IMEI-check invention is absurd. Any embedded system developer worth one's salt will know that code on the target platform can be executed from either RAM or ROM. It doesn't take a genius to realise that running the bootloader from RAM is less risky. The claim that this is an 'invention' is rather ridiciolous. As other's pointed out, a similar technique is used (for a different purpose) in gnuharet, among MANY other projects. Ethically: If the 'invention' is in fact obvious, as argued above, the claim is moot. Even if it wasn't, I'd argue that there is NOTHING wrong with POF examining florin's method, learning from it, or even using it himself. It's how human beings make progress. We look at what others are doing, and use that as a starting point to create our own solutions. There is no shame in not starting every project by re-inventing the wheel. Legally: 'Stealing' an idea is not a crime, with the exception of patented ideas. Even if, hypothetically, florin had patented this 'invention', the patent would only be valid if the idea was shown to be original, with no prior art. As explained in 'technical' this is far from the case. "The radio firmware patch used by pof was 'stolen' from IMEI-CHECK" This is a more substantial allegation, which would place POF on shakier ethical and legal ground. Florin's allegation is backed up with the convincing evidence that his birthday remains embedded in POFs unlock tool. Technically: The patched firmware consists of 99.99% HTC code, with presumably a few bytes changed by florin to ensure the patched radio ROM accepts the same key on all devices. Although there are probably only a few ways of patching the HTC firmware, the exact same patch was copied from florin, as evidenced by the birthday key. Ethically: If an original work containing a significant amount of creativity or expression was copied, I'd argue it would be wrong. However, is a simple substitution of the unlock code with a fixed 8 byte number a form of creative expression? Of course not. If florin's business model relies on keeping a 10 byte modiciation to a ROM secret, I'd argue his business model is fundamentally flawed. Legally: Contemporary copyright law is based on the above ethical viewpoint. It grants the creator of an original creation exclusive rights to use that creation. However, only creative works can be copyrighted. To quote Wikipedia, it is not designed or intended to cover the actual idea, concepts, facts, styles, or techniques which may be embodied in or represented by the copyright work. What has been copied is a *technique* and possibly an *idea*, and therefore the action was not illegal under copyright law. It's difficult to argue that the 10 byte patch is a form of expression. That POF did not mention the source, and released it under his own name. POFs XDA-Developers posts clearly indicate that he had no intention to misrepresent florin's work as his own. He was pretty clear that he was using Florin's method. Technically: POFs posts show that he completely understood the method of operation of florin's unlocker. He posted this method of operation, never implying that he was responsible for 'inventing' it. Ethically: It's not plagiarism - POF did not try to conceal the true source of the information he obtained. Legally: It's a non-issue. Plagiarism is an ethical consideration, not a legal one. That POF attempted to profit from his actions by accepting donations I don't see how this is relevant. If what POF did was wrong, it makes no difference if it's done for fun or profit. I, like others, value the time POF has spent studying the Kaiser unlock, and releasing his findings to the community - and hope that he keeps up the good work. I'll be making a donation, in order to show my support for this.
  3. I'm in two minds about this. On one hand, I generally see reverse engineering as an ethically legitimate (and legal) method of learning about software. It's how progress gets made - people dissect existing solutions and look for ways to improve them. Florin has reverse engineered the HTC's code, to discover its workings and remove its restrictions. Now other's have reversed engineered Florin's code, to discover its workings and remove its restrictions. It's all good. Enforcing artificial monopolies where people are not free to dissect existing ideas and build upon them hinders technological progress, and is bad for society as a whole. On the other hand, assuming Florin's side of the story is correct, we're not dealing with a case where someone re-used the same *technique* in order to release a competitive solution, but actually released modules copied from Florin's solution, without fully understanding how they operate. Legal issues aside, this is certainly on flaky ethical grounds. Gripe: I really wish people would learn to differentiate between copyright infringement and theft
  4. I've just checked the update bot logs. Looks like your version is REALLY ancient - released before we moved to our new auto-update platform. I'm afraid that means you'll need to manually upgrade. Future updates will be automatic.
  5. [Paul (MVP): An important message for MoDaCo readers from our very own Zone-MR, big cheese over at Palringo!] After burning the midnight oil here at Palringo, we are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of our Vocal IM application which has some important new functionality. We have taken on board all your thoughts and comments over the past few months, and want to thank all our loyal testers and keen users of Palringo. Thank you very much for your support and please keep your comments coming! In addition to several refinements and behind-the-scenes improvements, the biggest change in this version is the addition of support for popular instant messaging services such as ICQ, MSN, Gadu-Gadu, AIM, and Google Talk. If you have accounts with those services, you can now link them to your Palringo account and use the Palringo client to keep in touch. You can also use Palringo to send photos and voice clips from your mobile to the users of other IM services. Palringo has pioneered the concept of Vocal Instant Messaging, and developed a service which enables mobile users can exchange pictures, text, and chat walkie-talkie style with individual contacts and groups. MoDaCo + Palringo HTC Kaiser Giveaway! MoDaCo has teamed up with Palringo to offer a special promotion to Palringo users. It works as follows: 1) Download Palringo FREE and install it onto your Windows Mobile or Symbian phone (there's a PC client too, but you need to use a Mobile client to send photos!) 2) Join the "modaco" group on Palringo, and hang out in it. 3) Over the next two weeks, if you see anything interesting be sure to snap a photo via Palringo and send it to the MoDaCo group. The promotion ends on Monday the 24th of September, at which time we will select the user who has sent our favourite photo to the group. The winner will receive a free HTC TyTN II MoDaCo Special Offer package worth £500 and consisting of: a HTC TyTN II a car charger an eXpansys £10 off any order over £20 voucher (excluding delivery) for use with a future order a MoDaCo CamerAware lifetime subscription (normally £19.99!) a MoDaCo Ad Free lifetime subscription (normally £9.99 PER YEAR!) What are you waiting for? Get Started! ;) Update: The contest has now closed. We will announce a winner before the end of the week.
  6. We're working on an alternative... I can't go into too many details at this stage, but I promise you it will rock ;)
  7. Thanks for the notice - I'll investigate to see if we can replicate it. In the meantime, you should be able to untick "Run at Startup" under the Palringo settings. If you get a chance to try this, please let me know if Palringo loads correctly when started manually.
  8. gcparis - you are not alone. I also got the shipping notice on Monday that the phone had been dispatched. I just called them, and they started mumbling something about "we thought it had shipped, but it hadn't really, we'll check and get back to you". They haven't yet had the decency to inform me that they never even received the stock they claimed to have shipped to us. :@
  9. Connectivity to other networks is currently in the final stages of internal testing, and we hope to make this available shortly. We will post an update here as soon as this is available for public beta testing.
  10. The Doctor, We are close to releasing a beta of our Symbian and J2ME versions, and are considering Linux/Mac ports. In the mean time, Linux users should be able to use the Windows version under Wine - a few of our developers use Linux exclusively, and we are unaware of any Wine-specific issues.
  11. @encence: We don't currently have a comprehensive list of future functionallity at this stage - mainly because some things are still to be decided, and others are so cool that if we told you, we'd have to kill you ;) @mwright: You have now been accepted to the trial. We try to keep the waiting time below 1 hour. --- On another note, the Palringo Push-To-Talk technology can bring substantial benefits to enterprise users – such as simplified coordination of fleets and teams. We are about to initiate several managed enterprise trials, and we invite companies who may be interested in these to contact us via the support section of the www.palringo.com site.
  12. Thanks to all of you who took part in alpha testing codename Switchboard last March... Now, after several months of active development by the Palringo team, it's evolved! Say hello to... Palringo http://delta.palringo.com/hotlink/modaco.png Vocal Instant Messaging "A great, inexpensive way to connect and communicate" "Transforms your mobile into a walkie-talkie: communicate with a contact or a group at the touch of a button" "Like Instant Messaging, but with the option to use voice as well as text and photos" Key Features Voice: use your mobile to chat with friends by speaking or texting Messaging: leave messages even when contacts are not connected Availability: Instantly see status of contacts Interoperability: Connect to users of popular PC IM systems Open: Works independent of your mobile service provider The application currently supports the Smartphone, Pocket PC, Windows XP and Windows Vista platforms. Visit the Palringo site at palringo.com and sign up for the beta trial. Basic functionallity within the application is free, and will remain free. Once you have downloaded Palringo... ... join the group MoDaCo to access the live MoDaCo chat!
  13. We have been actively working on development of this application and are due to enter a public beta trial shortly. Thanks to everyone who helped test this application last March. If interested, please PM me your email address for an early invitation to the upcomming trial.
  14. Orange wouldn't know if the device is "daisy-chained" or not. They might be enforcing their policy by looking for Windows XP specific stuff during the PPP session negotiation, or possibly packet inspection to identify things at the protocol layer which are a good indication of someone using it as a modem for a PC. For example, if they run a transparent proxy and see that all HTTP sessions have the IE7b user-agent chances are you're using a PC/Laptop. Of course these things are easy to work around, but you need to know what they are looking for in order to fake it.
  15. With itsme we have had a working CID and SIMLock removal solution for the STRTrk for over a fortnight. As very few of these devices are SIMLocked and there is little difference between operator ROMs we have not rushed to release this, however we are planning to have a free service up and running in the next few days. So unless you are in a huge hurry - it's probably worth the wait.
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