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  1. A bit freaked by 120dpi... changing it to 120dpi makes the launcher not fit properly in the vertical direction.... BUT... screw it, 120dpi is ok when you get used to it, and my god it's so goddam beautifully smooth... having played with the Xoom today in HMV I gotta say I think vegacomb is smoother.... Amazing work. Finally it's as slick as my iPad, something that has bugged me for ages...
  2. FYI I used the falling sakura live wallpaper.... it has falling blossoms that you can interact with, but doesn't scroll. I didn't do anything like install a No scrolling hack.... I was just amazed by the performance difference when swiping between desktop screens, despite the fact that the live wallpaper is actually *doing* more... I figure it must be down to unaccelerated wallpaper scrolling or lack of memory or something....
  3. Just a little something I noticed on performance: I've been a little miffed with the vega, having played with the iconia and xoom in the shops and found the general honeycomb UI to be faster, smoother and more responsive than on my tablet running vegacomb, despite similar hardware specs... So I've been trying to find the reason for it. As has been pointed out elsewhere, the biggest performance killer is the background data stuff, especially with regards to email. Turn that off/kill the gmail app and all of a sudden it performs much better. That said it never quite got a smooth as the other tablets, which still vexed me, given how well samurai 2 runs, it's clearly not a slow tablet. Last night I installed a live wallpaper, and all of a sudden the performance improved, and I'm now seeing the vega as smooth as the iconia and xoom on the main UI (launcher) - previously I had a 1400x900 jpg as the scrolling background, whereas this new live wallpaper, whilst it animates, doesn't scroll. I don't know if that is a memory issue or just a lack or horsepower/acceleration to scroll the entire image, but whatever it is it definately seems that killing background data and setting a wallpaper that doesn't scroll makes a massive difference to the overall smoothness of the UI, and really does bring it in line with the rest of the 10-inch HC tablets out there performance wise.
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