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  1. There are two main issues that are stopping me making the switch from Spotify: 1. I only every use the desktop version when I'm in work, I can get that for £5 from Spotify but only have one price option with All Access 2. No desktop app. I really do like Google Music, the Android app is great and I was blown away when I first started using the in browser player (which has been improved since I last used it). As I would be using the in browser player the majority of the time there are too many issues that are stopping me from doing so, such as: Not being able to use my keyboards music control buttons Having to look and go to the relevant window and tab to do anything Closing the window/tab my mistake I tried to install an extension for Chrome to add controls wherever I saw but it used stupid shortcuts such as Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow to go back a track when that's used for selecting a word across the entire system. So for me there isn't enough of a difference to make me want to move and pay double the price.
  2. Gutted that this isnt compatible with my device :(
  3. Paul, Did your Nexus S from the US work fine in the UK?
  4. Does anybody know if there would be any issues getting one from the US? I know somebody over there, so was going to get them to buy one for me and ship it themselves, try to avoid the customs fee etc. £429 is still ridiculous considering the US price.
  5. Done my bit, lets hope we get there fast!
  6. keveh

    Air Control

    This is just TOO addictive!
  7. keveh


    I bought it today, best money I've ever spent on an app.
  8. I am using the clock on my home screen which has the weather on it, but the weather isn't being displayed. I'm probably haven't done something blindingly obvious, but is there a certain setting I need to turn on for that to update or simply just display?
  9. Has anybody tried installing the four square app? I've got it on but it keeps on crashing with the error: The application Foursquare (process com.joelapenna.foursquared) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again
  10. keveh

    Google Mail Widget

    OK I'll give it a go, not much money to part with if it isn't what I want.
  11. keveh

    Google Mail Widget

    Yeah that's what I was after, took a look at the one grassiekuik linked to but the comments seem to be a little negative so I'll probably keep checking back on that one to see if it improves. But yeah, I would have thought that widget should have come as standard.
  12. I just want to say that I agree with everything Zippyioa has said. I've also tried a couple of 2.1 releases just to see what the difference is. Where 2.1 is obviously better looking and working bit of kit, they are far too many bugs in them, I had a problem where I couldn't open a contact without my contacts crashing because of syncing to Facebook. I think that from now on I'll just stick to what Paul releases, even if we have to wait that little bit longer for MCR 4, because at the end of the day it will be worth the wait. Cheers for all your hard work Paul!
  13. I was wondering if anybody knew of a Google Mail widget? One of my main problems with android is that you can get a widget for your mail, but not for your Google Mail. I've been after one for ages with no success, I thought they may have done it for 2.1 but it doesn't look like it. I would have thought this would have been pretty straight forward for HTC to set up.
  14. I was just was just wondering if people were getting errors with syncing with Google contacts? I get the old message of "Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly." which I've had for quite a while now. Does anybody know how to get rid of it?
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