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  1. spvman

    I'm outtttta here!!!!!

    Not sure, probably - but since i can do that via numerous wap sites over gprs it aint really an issue :wink:
  2. spvman

    I'm outtttta here!!!!!

    Cheers for the replies guys.. I know my new toy wont do all the spv can but at least its stable and has a decent battery time on it.. Paul maybe your wifes battery is knackered.. Orange quote 5hrs talk time and 8.5 days standby (like we believe that :roll: ) however my m8 gets on average 4days standby with moderate talk time and wap as well - at least double my spv.. more like my old Nokia!!! With a feature set as below and free downloadable games at the mo from the Orange site I would hardly call it basic :wink: Built-in Camera - CMOS Camera - 5 lux sensitivity - Self-Timer Function - Picture Editing 65,536-colour TFT Display 16-Polyphonic Ring Tones Clamshell Design 5 directional Navigation Key GPRS Class 8 (4 + 1 timeslots) WAP 1.2.1 WAP 2.0 Provisioning IrDA SMS Group Send SMS Chat 20 Preset Ring Tones Download Capability (Ring tones and logos)* Melody Composer Voice Memo Vibration alert Built-in Game T9® Text Input Graphic User Interface Desktop Handsfree Voice Dialing Phone Book Memory 200 + SIM Internal Modem Auto World Clock and Alarm - even works when turned off!!! Calendar and Scheduler Calculator and Currency Converter SIM Toolkit C-PHS
  3. Well I have finally had enough of my spv - all the issues you already know about (voice dial, battery, lack of software etc etc) have made me see the light. I know its new technology and I know there are bugs yet to be ironed out but frankly there are just too many of them - someone described us as beta testers the other day and they were spot on, unfortunately I rely on my phone too much to be a beta tester! I've had my phone since November and I thought I could learn to live with the quirks until the update came out..still no sign of the update and after a 42 minute phone call to orange tonight with 3 different people (at three different levels) I can confirm that any update will not contain the most important feature to me - voice dialling. It took 42 minutes to push the Trades description act, Sale of goods act etc and get them to accept that I was not going to give up and go higher and higher until I got what I wanted. They were quoting the same thing over and over - i had gone past the 14 day returns date (although later in the conv this changed to 28 days returns policy for some reason) - then the last guy I spoke to said that since i had had a replacement handset in december this gave me ANOTHER 28 days to return my latest handset. Anyway to cut a long story short they are refunding my purchace price, cancelling any upgrade fee and I can collect my new Panasonic GD87e on Thursday!!!! Not a smartphone I hear you all say, but I have been looking at a m8's GD87 and its a LOT smarter than my spv i can tell you!!!! I am sure the next generation of smartphone will be a lot better in every respect - I'm just not prepared to put up with a substandard product in the meantime!! I'm sure I'll get flamed for this from all the diehard spv fans (of which i was one til recently) but I just dont care - I shall soon have a fault free phone!!! I also hope any of you who may be in a similar situation to me and wanting to get rid of your spv can use some of what ive said here to get satiisfaction from Orange. You will be told NO to start with and taken round in circles.... perseveer and be polite but firm - they will give in!! So its goodbye from spvman - would like to say its been a blast..but it hasnt!! I will pop back in a few days to the 'for sale section' as I shall have a 128mb sd card, usb cradle, charger, case and camera for sale (they sent me a whole new kit with my 2nd replacement handset).. or you can email me if interested!!! Take care and good luck :D
  4. spvman

    Video and Battery Life

    To UKmailserver: Re-read my post and then try to understand where i'm coming from - if your narrow minded outlook on life will permit. When I come accross a post as ignorant as the one I was replying to then yes I admit that perhaps my fingers overtake my brain a little and I become slightly less articulate - hey I'm only human. However, I stand by my comments - after the troubles of the year b4 last I would have thought it would be clear to all but the lowest level of pond life that when on an aircraft the rules are there for a reason - safety of hundreds of other people or at the very least peace of mind of fellow passengers. The last thing anyone wants to see is some tw*t (oh look another 4 letter word) arguing with a steward or stewardess or disregarding perfectly simple rules - its not as if you can get off the thing if you dont like their behaviour. Personally speaking if I was on a flight and saw anyone giving these good folks hassle of this or any other kind I would have no hesitation in putting them very firmly in their place - whatever it took. Anyway..enough of my valuable time wasted in replying to you.. feel free to write whatever comments you like - i shall not be visiting this forum again (not cos I dont think its a great forum - it is - well done Paul) because I shall shortly no longer be an spv owner (Yeeeeha) - see my post in the main section.
  5. spvman

    Video and Battery Life

    To ajb - Ok so if the stewards / esses tell you that your phone cannot be turned on during the flight you are going to be seen fumbling with an electronic device beneath your jacket....you really aint the brightest bulb in the pack are ya??? Have some common courtesy, check out the headlines from oh, say 16 months ago and get a f*cking brain. We all like our little fault ridden gadgets but just get a life, leave it turned off and watch the in flight movie. And dont even think about flaming me for this posting.. you wouldnt like my response and you know it makes sense. :evil:
  6. Gameboy roms are 'freely' :? available all over the net and are fairly small in size. There is little or no chance of Nintendo tracking down the average user and doing them for roms on their 7650.
  7. spvman

    Orange - Complete jokers.

    My old 9210 came with an excellent file explorer... and the whole thing was certainly a lot smarter than my present so called 'smart' phone. I'm not gonna pay out for stuff that should be on this phone out of the box...and since theres bugger all software available for it I guess my purchace of a 128mb sd card was a little over the top. Oh and just for the record Orange can ram their gprs once the promo is over. Rant over :roll:
  8. spvman

    videoportal for spv

    Its good that sites like this are now beginning to pop up, however i think there is room for improvement on this one. Have only checked out the 'Surf' section so far and my thoughts are these: Its too bloated..too long an introduction - 50 seconds before you even see a moving wave!! Nice try but sort it out chaps!!
  9. spvman

    Crazy Alarm Problem

    Heh, it shouldn't come as a surprise, it is WINDOZE powered after all :wink:
  10. Well I'm now on my 3rd handset (finally a good one) and ive just noticed that the power on / off button always works first time - this seems to be because it now firmly clicks when i press it. On my first 2 spv's there was no click and it was difficult to tell if you'd pushed it in enough. Could it be that HTC recognised the problem some way into the production run and changed the design slightly? I wonder what else has been tweaked... software versions etc seem to be the same.. Anyone noticed differences on replacement handsets??
  11. spvman

    Speed up your SPV

    Yeah now im impressed!! Changed mine from 5 mins to never and i have a seriously fast menu!! Cheers for the tip!
  12. I have had a couple of replacement handsets now and i finally have a good one (woohoo!). This time they even sent me a whole new box of kit with it - so i now have 2 of everything except the handset - most usefull! Paul - if your handset has this many faults then you should call orange c/s and ask for a new handset.. stress the point that you rely on your handset for buisiness want a *new* one and not a reconditioned model (as im sure stocks of these are building up fast). You should receive it the next day!!
  13. spvman

    Orange GPRS - Too Good To Be True???

    To set a sound for message alerts of any type go to programs / settings / sounds and choose from the list of tones there. If you want a specific wav file to play then you would first need to put that wav file in your IPSM/Application Data/Sounds folder - access this thru either all-explorer or activesync. Hope that helps :D
  14. it isnt possible to run AIM or Yahoo on the spv as yet, however, on your pc you can go to 'aol mobile' and set up your mobile account for the spv so that you have most of your pc functionality on it (mail, chat, buddy list etc). It's not as fluid as the built in MSN messenger but you can still chat with your buddies etc. Hope that helps..
  15. spvman

    Can I be sure my SPV is brand new?

    ive had 2 so far and im due my 3rd (and hopefully last) tomorrow evening. The first was new and sealed in a box when i got it - had protective film over cam lens and ir but not screen, 2nd (13 days later)was also new (900 units later serial no.) as i had requested when logging the c/s call and had the same protective film on the i/r. The 3rd i have no idea as yet but is apparently comming with a new battery and charger as well (no idea why). As long as its got a working joystick and a bright screen like my 1st one then im gonna keep it!!!

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