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  1. I upgraded to the One despite having an N4; it's not the same sort of upgrade I found when I moved from my s2 to the n4 but it's a much better experience imo. Battery life is much improved, the screen is miles better, the camera is in a whole new league and it feels far more ergonomic and higher quality. Also I've dropped my One from 5ft onto concrete and it's not got a scratch. It's not any faster, as the n4 is as fast as it gets imo, and multi tasking isn't as good - nothing beats opening an app you haven't touched in a week on the n4 for it to pick up where you left it - but it's quality. I'm with three and while they worry me with os updates it's nice and fast. There's meant to be a 'htc one max' coming soon with a giant screen, but how soon only htc know and whether that's better for you depends on how much screen you need! I'm guessing if the nexus is too wide you'd prefer a smaller handset.
  2. 2gb ram, and a multi task window that holds 9 apps, but is anyone else finding that they can't switch to anything older than 10 minutes without it totally reloading? I know sense takes a bit more resources than most launchers but on the n4 I can switch to a week old app and it picks up instantly where I left off, it's one of the things that gives a real impression of speed so it's very frustrating to have a phone acting like one from 4 years ago. Is this fixable at all? There are many fantastic things about this phone but this behaviour is really putting me off as I keep losing drafts and progress .
  3. I'm finding it slightly worse than the n4 had been since the last update, but better than the n4 used to be. The default auto brightness is also a lot brighter than the nexus in the same light, and I have a feeling that if the nexus was set this bright it wouldn't last anywhere near as long.
  4. Works flawlessly on UK virgin media TiVo, but without a samsung - esque split screen mode I can't see myself using it-if I'm holding my phone then I'm generally using it so switching apps is much more hassle than just using the remote in my other hand.
  5. Sounds patronising but are you definitely hitting the button? I ask as I thought the same thing when I first stated using mine but decided that in my case the capacitive sensor is just a lot smaller than I'm used to. Compared to the nexus or galaxy lines they're ludicrously small targets.
  6. How much are you missing the multi task button? Going from the s2 to n4 the addition of a dedicated, one touch, multi task button was a massive part of why the phone felt so fast, so losing it doesn't appeal to me. Are you missing the extra real estate from the 5" phones you've been using recently? I was fairly certain I wanted a 5" phone next but if there's no on screen buttons I guess 4.7 may feel better? Does it support usb-otg?
  7. If they had bundled in the Bluetooth/NFC version of those headphones I'd have ordered it already but while they're meant to be great cans, the decision to bundle the 'basic' version after the fuss Sony made about the xperias audio pairing seems perplexing. I'm planning on getting the Bluetooth ones at some point anyway but how many people would end up buying the xperia z and those headphones after seeing the one touch wireless pairing first hand from someone who had pre ordered. That's a fantastic and fairly unique selling point that could have had a similar impact to Samsung bundling the wacom stylus, but as it is, they're just giving away another pair of headphones without demoing any new technology. Missed opportunity.
  8. I got the 'poetic slimbook case' from Amazon as it had really good reviews but I can't stand it. It doesn't hold it securely enough so it slides down and you lose the navigation bar, and the raised sides of the case intrude on the screen when you're swiping inwards. Keeps it safe in my bag and is OK if you're just reading but I completely remove it most of the time I want to use it.
  9. My battery life seems to have dropped since 4.2.1 - it lasted me around 18 hours before and barely makes it to half that now without any additional apps installed. I went against my own principle of 'no phones without removable batteries' in getting the n4 and I'm starting to think I might have to change before long. Shame as it's pretty much perfect aside from that, lightening fast, wonderful screen and storage is plenty thanks to cloud services. Too used to the convenience of swapping batteries out though unfortunately.
  10. Just got an email to say my N4 is due to ship this week :D
  11. I called them earlier today before the email went out and they said that 3 weeks is 'worst case scenario' but that most people should get theirs much sooner than that.
  12. I just ordered a Nexus 4 literally 10 minutes ago :D I spoke to Google (Got through to someone straight away and after a bit of chat about how dissipointed i was and then a long, long time on hold he got me through to someone who knew what was going on at google wallet). He still didn't explain it that well but it sounded like anyone who got to the 'wallet' stage of the order effectively reserved themselves a place in the queue for canceled orders or new stock. If you're one of those people and refresh the N4 order page, eventually you should see an 'add to cart' option. You're still competing with anyone else who is 'queued' i think (this was what he didn't explain very well) so you still might find you get a 'failed' message but keep trying - only took me about 40 F5's and 3 failed orders before i got my order to go through. Sorry if any of the above is off the mark, I'm just relaying what i was told/what worked for me. I was so ridiculously frustrated to not get a nexus earlier so obviously over the moon with this, hopefully you lot get lucky too :) I have the confirmation email if anyone doesn't believe me.
  13. Every so often instead of the home button returning me to the homescreen it will start to open up the clock application instead, as if it's docked. I can't think of any specific application that caused this to start happening, it just started doing it one day and it seems totally random as to when it it occur. The only way i can get it back to normal is resetting it. Has anyone else had this, and does anyone have an idea of how to fix it as it's quite annoying!
  14. Car insurance is third party, house insurance won't cover car contents and no travel insurance :D She got a crime reference number straight away and forensics looked over the car but they only found glove prints. She's being completely messed about by vodafone. Vodafone kept denying any record of the call, so she got a record of the call from the phone company. Called back and after speaking to a manager got an apology from them, he said they had no record because they have no centralised database and that each centre keeps their own records of calls?! They offered her either a written letter saying that they messed up, that she had called them within 12 hours but they failed to act, or alternatively they said could forgo that and just replace her galaxy S with a phone free of charge, because it was their fault. She said 'ok send me a galaxy s and we'll close this', only to be told they were out of stock. She noted that they had it on their website and they said it was 'different stock'. She asked for a number of different phones but every single medium/high end phone was 'out of stock.' She then said she would take the written letter so they said they would send it out and call her with confirmation within two hours... 6 hours later and no contact. So she called again and guess what - no record of such a call. The guy she spoke with this time accused her of lying about the whole thing as 'there has been use of your phone number since that date to phone numbers you commonly call'. Yes, there had been, because as she pointed out - she had got a replacement sim with her old number and contract from a local store :) He said that didn't matter because there was no proof she had blocked anything and that the 7 minute phone call she had proof of on the phone bill 'could have just been her on hold'... Regardless, he claimed, there was no way that anyone working for vodafone would have offered her a free phone, or a written letter based on the evidence as there were no notes on the system. So now she has a 3 page letter written up ready to send off to vodafone customer support, cc'ing in the ceo, ofcom and cisus, detailing when and where they screwed up and what they need to do to fix it.
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