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    Simple Key-Lock

    I'm desperately looking for a simple Key-Lock which can lock my Vox after a while (preferably adjustable per profile). With easy I mean just 2 clicks: Unlock & * - Maniac's automatic Key-lock uses the WM6 device-lock, because I'm using the Exchange Server as well. When turning of the key-lock it suppresses móst of the keys, but not all. Therefore there's still a risk of accidently pushing buttons. - SmartToolkit isn't stable yet. Can anyone please help me with this issue?
  2. JQ-NL

    Paul's HTC S710 de-Brand Pack

    I have the same problem with the Comm mgr. Can someone post the 0.1 version of the De-brander? I believe this one didn't affect the Comm mgr., while all the other branded screens are replaced. Would be a acceptable solution for me...
  3. JQ-NL

    Device lock password and key lock

    I'm looking for the same solution. Why the full password, just a simple combination of unlock and * would do for me. Anyone?

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