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  1. Scope Beta looks promising, and it's back up and running. HTH's
  2. Just trying Flipboard, any one got experiences?
  3. oo03sjw

    Google announces $199 Acer C7 Chromebook

    Google says that $199=£125.....?!
  4. oo03sjw

    Samsung Series 3 Chromebook launches @ £229! But...

    OK so now which do I get? Google announces Acer C7 Chromebook, available tomorrow for $199http://vrge.co/SXfjX5
  5. My update - I was paid the £24 on the 29/2/12!
  6. Yeah, got ICS working on my blade how cool is that? Great work guys. 2 questions:) I get error message when I try to install Contapps, device not compatable, is there a work round? In the baseband it shows QCF unknown or something like, is this normal or fixable? Many thanks as always.
  7. Try Arne @ http://www.theunwired.net/ can't promise, but he is a good chap.
  8. Many thanks Bouncer5, she is talking to me again now! Works perfectly.
  9. OK - if anyone is awake and sober...the story. Unlocked and flashed prefectly with the guide on here. Then started getting low memory errors, thought give the TPT a try, all going well drivers etc, flash etc. all working seamlessly..... at this point I am stuck between the green man and the android system recovery utility. I can enter FTM but not sure what to do from there. When I power and vol+ I get the the blue recovery utility and if I click reboot system it vibrates and green man appears then vibrate again and the recovery utility reappears She is NOT happy, can anyone point me in the right direction? I have tried all sorts such as dragging image files etc biut still no joy... please help rescue my xmas? Many thanks as always.
  10. Hi Bouncer5 sorry to be a pain but have I missed the unlock files, they are not in the 1st post and prep? Thanks as always
  11. Thanks Bouncer5 for all of this work and everyone else involved, I thought I was missing something so thanks to the fox for asking my question. Could you please post when the link has been updated. Ta.
  12. I like headphones ;-), plus I prefer the look of the SF2 saw the ONLY one in Peterborough today and happy as it looks just like the SE Xperias. I am all for a bit of competition and choice! Power to the people! PS. Can you post a link\?
  13. http://www.quidco.com/orange-pay-as-you-go-phones-sims/?ac HTH's just ordered mine!
  14. Need to add San Fran 2 into the mix, assuming it is available Monday?

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