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  1. Most of the carriers are going to have the stock ROMs updated to 4.4 in the next few weeks. If you're talking about custom ROMs then you are at the mercy of the developer's schedule and will need to flash a new ROM. But, you might be lucky and can get away with a dirty flash.
  2. Hi all, Long time since I've been around this neck of the woods. Upgraded to an HTC Thunderbolt and never really looked back. Anyways, I ran across my Omnia i910 tonight while going through some boxes. Had planned to keep it as a backup, but it's just collecting dust, and they're still going on EBAY for $50-$100!! I'd like to flash it to a good WM6.5 ROM, that is pretty stable, assuming whomever buys the phone from me won't be a serial flasher, like most of us here. :-) Any suggestions on which one to use? Preferably something hat has Manilla 2D. But, at the very least, has Titanium. Thanks all for looking! Robert
  3. Ha! I'd forgotten I was still subscribed to this thread. I made a move to an HTC Thunderbolt back at the Memorial Day Weekend and haven't had the Omnia turned on since then! Robert
  4. Wow!! You leave that sitting on top of your car and have it fall under your front tire?!?!?!? Wonder if Asurion would cover that? :(
  5. While it's probably not Windows 2000 specifically, as someone else pondered, what kind of USB ports do you have? Check the stats on your computer and see what it says. You CANNOT use USB 1.1. The good news is you probably did not brick it, but rather just corrupted it. Charge the battery up to full power. Make sure your computer uses USB 2.0 and give it another whirl. Can't hurt at this point. Good luck!! Robert
  6. This is strange, yet kinda cool all at the same time!! Robert
  7. The phone is the phone. It would certainly still "be" an Omnia i910. Most of the custom ROMs I've seen are generally based upon WM6.5. Frankly, it's a superior product to WM6.1, which is the highest OS that the Omnia i910 officially supported. With that said, you can find WM6.1 based ROMs out there. You just have to look hard for them. I highly recommend thekevster's ROM as well. I tried several chef's ROMs, but his is the one I've left on my phone now for nearly a year! Only issue I currently have is the same many are, namely that the built in Samsung FM radio doesn't work. Also there are MMS issues in the latest builds. Good luck! Robert
  8. Cool! While I haven't done that, there are definitely others who have, so this will hopefully get them out of that problem. Robert
  9. Don't expect to see any W7 phones any time soon. Apparently VZW has said it will not have any handsets with the new OS until after the start of the New Year. What little chance there was that I would update to a W7 phone pretty much disappeared a few days ago when MSFT sued Motorola over patent infringement on email, contacts and calendar synchronisation in a veiled sideswipe at Android. Funny how they didn't sue Apple, even though they have those features in IOS4, eh? Robert
  10. Does your computer have USB 2.0 or is it the older USB 1.1? If the latter, that's probably why it's taking so long. Also, make sure your battery is fully charged. If it loses power while doing the update, it will break communication, which will brick the update. Regarding the first phone, which you said did complete the update, make sure to do a HARD RESET immediately. It cleans up stuff that might be in cache and resets it to factory fresh, albeit to the ROM you're using. You want to flash to CF03 at the very least, as that was the first official VZW ROM which supported the unlocked GPS. I think CC20 was a beta version that made it into the wild, but am not for sure. Also, you don't indicate whether you were trying to flash FROM a custom ROM to DF14. I would recommend trying to reflash the official base ROM first so that you're going from official to official. GOOD LUCK!! Robert
  11. I have experienced that problem a couple of times when I've run the phone battery down so far that it can't even turn on to tell me my battery is discharged. First off, open the back of the phone and pull the batter for a few seconds so that it completely loses power. Once you've replaced the battery go ahead and immediately plug it into the charger and let it charge for the whole day without attempting to turn it on. If it still doesn't work, the next thing to try would be a new battery. If that doesn't work, I have no idea what to suggest. Good luck!! Robert
  12. Hi all, Using Omnia i910 running a custom 6.5 ROM. I've been running the Facebook app for the better part of the summer with no issues. However, it seems that recently (couple of weeks ago perhaps?) it has started to leave the "News Feed" screen is blank, and the "Status Update" is from several days ago. If I select the Status Update and then go back to New Feed all of a sudden it's populated, albeit with older stuff. I click on Refresh, but nothing new shows up. When I try and update my status you get the color spinning like it's talking with Facebook, but then get an error message "104: Incorrect Signature." and when I check Facebook on my desktop nothing has shown up from when I tried to post. I have tried soft resets. I have tried power cycling the phone. I have tried logging out and then back into the app. But nothing gets rid of the error msg. I know Twitter changed something recently that is forcing all third party apps that work with Twitter to rewrite their code to get back in compliance, but I hadn't heard of their being a problem with Facebook. I'm using v1.007, but the about screen doesn't say who it is by. Just says "www.microsoft.com" but I'd be surprised if this was actually written by MSFT itself. Is anyone else having this problem? If so, have you been able to fix it? Thanks!! Robert
  13. They haven't retired. They've graduated to Android phones :lol:
  14. Hi all! I've been away for a while as once I got a stable phone using this ROM, I figured why spend the time to keep changing things around? Anyways, I checked in to see if someone had answered a thread I started and saw that there's a new official ROM out from Verizon/Samsung, DF14. Oh boy!! Something new to play with, but lack of practice this summer has got me confused here. Lioryte says it's only the modem that's been updated. When I looked for custom ROM based on DF14 I really didn't see anything listed. However, there are people using it in custom ROMS. Are people first flashing the stock ROM and then flashing the custom ROM over the top of it, retaining the new modem? I thought the modem was part of the custom ROM package, right? If so, then the custom ROM would just wipe out the stock ROM I'd flashed. What's the best way to get DF14 flashed, and retain all the customized goodness of theKevster's M2D ROM? Later, Robert
  15. Hi all, Haven't been around lately as I had my phone working pretty well so didn't see the need to flash any new ROMs. Anyways, today I found a glitch and I'm hoping someone here can point out what the problem is. I have been using Microsoft MyPhone to sync contacts, calendar, photos, text messages and tasks between my Omnia i910 and the cloud. As you cannot bulk add appointments, and I don't use Office, I found a page online where someone was saying they use Windows Live to be able to add bulk appointments, update the phone using Windows Live, and then update the phone using MyPhone to get the appointments into MyPhone as well. Because of that, I installed Windows Live on the phone too. Then I did a soft reset. When I check the account information on both MyPhone and Windows Live they are the same email address (my profile name). The maddening thing is that the appointments are NOT showing up on the Windows Live website, but they're there on the MyPhone website. I'm using the same profile login information for both websites: Microsoft MyPhone and Windows Live! As a side note, when I go into the Windows Live client on my phone and then check the About screen, it tells me the following components are installed: Hotmail, Messenger, Search, Contacts and Windows Live Home. For whatever reason it doesn't see the MyPhone client, which I have been using all along. Anyone else run into this problem? If so, were you able to fix it? Using custom ROM, which is listed in my .sig
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