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  1. BT works with my carkit. I do have issues with contact syncing, but have had that with all ROMs and even other phones, so I guess that's more an issue of my carkit. Sound over BT is OK and connection works without issues.
  2. I agree on the English remark. Rather childish really. I'm not with you on the comments part though. Nobody ever complains if people say GREAT ROM!!! +1 +1 +1 +1 ... but they do if the same happens to report a problem. Reporting a problem here is not the same as demanding that the dev fixes it. Some people do this and I agree they shouldn't. It's up to the dev what issues he addresses and I'm grateful for his work that keeps my phone up to date. I don't install every nightly that is published (because I know they are flawed), however I regularly do install a new one (because the one I have is flawed and maybe a more recent one is better). I really like it if people warn me about a particular build being unusable. The fact that this is the case with more than one user implies that it's not a freak incident but a structural problem. I therefor appreciate these +1s. And a Happy New Year to all of you in general and Dazzozo in particular!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi For a week or so now, my phone's GPS is acting weird. It started after being on CM10.2 with 3.4 kernel for a few days. GPS still gets a fix, but soon after that, it's as if the app that's using it all of a sudden can no longer see the GPS module. Then after a minute or so it gets a fix again. Strangely, sometimes the taskbar icon for the GPS disappears when this happens, but other times not. Likewise my navigation software sometimes notifies for signal loss, but other times doesn't. I tried reverting to another ROM and even reflashed the original HUAWEI ROM, but the problem persists. Does anybody have any ideas on how this might be solved or what the actual problem could be? UPDATE: I just figured out that GPS works OK if I disable data. Seem to be a conflict between GPS and data module? Zisj
  4. Hardware, have issues with different apps that use GPS. Already reverted to Oct 20, same problem. Went back to PAC rom, issue still there. I'm guessing I somehow fried the GPS :( . It just keeps switching between Can't find GPS, GPS found but no fix, GPS found with fix and back again. I think i read in one of Dazozzo's posts (can't find it anymore though) that he's using a new RIL for this ROM, maybe that caused the problem?
  5. Hey guys Does anyone have problems with GPS on Oct 21 build? On my device it seems as if GPS constantly crashes and restarts. Deal breaker for me. Returned to Oct 20 build, will check if it has the same issue.
  6. Using 20/10 and wifi tethering not working for me.Downloading 21/10 now, will report after testing. Installed the 21/10 build and wifi tethering not working for me.
  7. Have SJS00M , October 20 build and TWRP Phone running fine.
  8. I had this problem with MultiLing keyboard, but only when starting settings from the apllication. I then enabled it from Settings > Languages & input and opened settings from there. That way everything worked. Afterwards I was also able to go into settings directly from the keyboard.
  9. I had a problem with camera video recording on 20/05 version: it doesn't record. 13/05 didn't have this issue, so switched back. Also had signal loss on 20/05 Switched back to 13/05 because of these issues and also because it felt more responsive. Really like the ROM in the 13/05 version.
  10. Nice ROM, first one that has lasted for more than a few hours in favor of Dazzozo's CM10.1 If Bluetooth plays nice with the car an no dealbreaker bugs show up in use, this will be a keeper. Just one tiny problem so far, in recent apps when using the close all apps button, the last app stays on the list. A second press removes this last app and closes the list. On other ROMS with this feature, the whole list is cleared on the first go.
  11. First of all I would like to join all of you that think Daz did a fantastic job on this ROM, THANKS DAZ!! Second: I know thethering doesn't work, but I had this before on a different device and a 3rd party tether app solved the issue. I don't seem to have any luck with that on this ROM though. Anybody know of a tether app that works on it? Or should I forget about thether for now?

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