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    Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets!!! Those aside, riding motorbikes, MotoGP & WSBK, clay pigeon shooting, martial arts - karate, aikido, Enshin Ryu iaido (sword), bo, battons etc, digital photography, Hi-Fi (currently Arcam/Linn setup), home cinema (Oh, and psychiatric nursing - but that's just work!)
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  1. pd.ryder

    The HTC One (M8) is available to buy today

    Mine arrives before 11.30 tomorrow morning!
  2. pd.ryder

    We're giving away a RaspberryPi!

    Random fact... I'm so freakin predictable I can't even spell random! Oh... And I'm using a Galaxy Nexus... There's random for ya!
  3. pd.ryder

    Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Is Hitting The SGSII!

    As an ICS user with the Galaxy Nexus, new users well notice favourite apps disappearing. In the UK, SkyGo, for instance, will disappear along with other besties as they're not compatible with ICS.
  4. pd.ryder

    MoDaCo Recommends... Best Social Media Client

    Hmm... that would be cool :-)
  5. pd.ryder

    MoDaCo Recommends... Best Social Media Client

    I can hear Wacky Races commentary in my head.... "aaand Tweakdeck races into the lead leaving the other contenders in the dust..."
  6. Well! A mahoosive improvement since I last looked a few days ago: On 10/2 I had 0.78Mbps down, 0.54Mbps up Today 13/2 I get 3.76Mbps down, but still similar up (0.43) Still, a massive difference! All tests run from the same room in my house at the same time of day (18.30ish)
  7. pd.ryder

    MoDaCo Recommends... Best Android Web Browser

    Chrome for me since I got the Nexus! Always gone back to the stock browser on previous Android builds after trying Opera, Skyfire etc, but they always had too large a memory footprint for the device I'd installed them on.
  8. pd.ryder

    An update on TweakDeck

    Cross posted with your update. Great news!
  9. pd.ryder

    An update on TweakDeck

    Yeah - wot they said! Pile-o-crap man! Cant understandbhow / why large corporate bodies decline to respond to requests for input and then resort to legal retribution. Arse biscuits! Will the current build continue as-is?
  10. pd.ryder

    MoDaCo Review - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    If we've got HDMI out from the micro-USB, does that mean a potential for purpose built iPhone-a-like docks for hi-fi audio etc?
  11. pd.ryder

    MoDaCo Review - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    Mine arrives between 9-1 tomorrow. Managed an upgrade from T's "preferred" 3rd party retailer as they still don't stock or support it themselves. ooOOoo New shiny thing :-))
  12. pd.ryder

    Win a LG Optimus 2X with MoDaCo and @superetrader

    Job done. Just waiting for postie now... ;-)
  13. pd.ryder

    T mobile (UK) hacks it's data allowance!

    Yup - same reflected on ZDNet a few minutes ago: I wonder if I can get my missus onto a direct Android contract with a Desire HD before 1 Feb, although that would, I think, constitute an additional handset on my existing contract so wouldn't count as "new business"? I'll have to ask them....
  14. pd.ryder

    T mobile (UK) hacks it's data allowance!

    Thanks... *dashes off to edit letter...* :-)
  15. pd.ryder

    T mobile (UK) hacks it's data allowance!

    It would appear that it does, given Ofcom's clause 9.3 and T-Mobile's own T&C section - there are several forms of letter in draft on t'internet to assist with cancellation of contracts, one of which quotes: which will help with demonstrating "material detriment" and hence a breach of contract. Better minds than mine are looking at this as we speak, so watch Twitter / FB and these pages for updates. #tmobile

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