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  1. I have something new for someone to figure out... The Caller ID picture that comes up with the contact info when recieving phone calls is very SMALL.. Does anyone know how to make this bigger like the iphones caller id (takes up most of the screen).
  2. Hi, the things i need to know: How to install an application on windows mobile.. I have the kutterpack and trying to install SMS Bubbles for msg's cause the blackjack II doesnt let me see them.. I also HATE the text messages program setup for my blackjack.. regular phones are better with this wow.. also, i have the telenav installed, when im driving will it actually automatically switch to each direction and give me voice for each turn? if not what program for navigation will thats FREE. Garmin XT Mobile is 100 bucks wow.. anyone good with a blackjack II please help me!!
  3. Im looking for anything that will give me driving directions turn-by-turn with voice.. i thought the blackjack II came loaded with that application but the TELENAV that i have doesnt even give me the option to find my current position. I havent driven on the road with it yet so i havent tried telenav's driving directions yet but will they give me what im looking for? also this garmin program will it do all the GPS things i want? im not sure on how to install an application on the phone yet..
  4. If anyone could help me out with my phone.. I have a BlackJack II and i just installed CE REG EDITOR so i could maximize the limit on my ringtones.. i had no problem with that. But i wanted to know how to install a program.. I have kutterpack and i wanted to install SMSBubbles but i dont know how.. How do you install an application on your phone!?? THANKS
  5. Hey, im new to the site and these kinds of phones. If someone could help me out on what to do to get the full service gps out of my phone. Does it come straight out of the box rdy to use on the road with turn by turn instructions n voice? or is there something i can dl for free to use on my phone that will do that. Im not sure how to do any of this and i dont want it to mess up.
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