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  1. After a long time of using the i780 I have almost never used the mouse. It doesnt seem to make sense when you can touch the screen, to move around with a small pointer. In the real life conditions when one wants to do things fast out on the street, the mouse pointer is completely unusable. I wish they used a regular hardware button like on the blackjack, that would be much more convenient in my opinion.
  2. Not a problem when you hold the phone in your right hand - you can easily touch the screen with your thumb. I can reach all of it comfortably. Used to it from my Treo that had a pretty awsome one hand operation (PalmOS). I think that the mouse pointer for one hand operation is pretty awkward. I mean, do people really use it for one hand operation? Anyone else? Thanks.
  3. I guess many people experience this sometimes - the phone on the i780 sometimes turns off and you gotta reboot to have it turned back on - not possible in the wireless manager before you make the reboot. Any ideas why and what causes this to happen? Peace.
  4. I got the i780 for a month now and one of the first things i did was to switch off the mouse and convert the optical sensor into the four directional mode. I saw an app that allows for fast switching between modes here on MoDaCo and I am wondering - what can be the mouse mode useful for? Considering the touchscreen where you can go with your finger much faster than a mouse pointer, why would you find the tiny mouse pointer more useful? I am just trying to find its utility. Anyone uses it for some specific application? Thanks for sharing. Peace.
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