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  1. Couldn't agree more about RSS hub - great for offline viewing which I use solely for podcasts I've got over 100 text feeds which I read to and its a mix between reading them on the PC and the HTC - saves me reading everything twice on both platforms as google reader keeps tabs on what I've read/haven't read, plus the starred items are a good way to bookmark items you want to check out later on. The thing which is missing from RSS is the ability to sync the read/unread status of an item between 2 applications - for example being subscribed to the BBC news feed on RSS Hub on my phone and Feedreader on the PC would mean I'd see the same thing twice . Would be great to use the built in app for the Diamond as its a lot quicker than the web version, however gets annoying having the same headlines repeated on different platforms.
  2. Been rooting around in the opera config file on the HTC Diamond and can expand the maximum number of tabs for Opera. Close Opera Using GSFinder+ 'Open>Choose program..." feature under "\Windows\Opera9\opera.ini" edit with a text editor or built in Word Mobile (pick doc from the Choose Program list). Change the "Maximum Allowed Tabs=3" line to a higher number (I've doubled mine to 6). Save, exit Word Mobile, load opera and try opening more than 3 tabs, Haven't come across any issues doing this although it may have been limited to 3 to ensure memory wasn't used up as I've had a few memory warnings about that when opening lots of complicate pages. =========== If you're into reading your RSS feeds from Google Reader theres an iPhone version that runs well from Opera on the Diamond, open all your articles in new tabs makes things really easy (especially with the Max tabs limit removed) http://www.google.com/reader/i/
  3. Thanks Paul, T-Mobile tech support haven't heard of the HTC Diamond (yet) and for some reason sending the settings via text message isn't working either (getting the first message with PIN, the actual message isn't coming through...). Nice phone...
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