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  1. The best HTC WM device, just think , 4.3 multitouch screen , WM 6.5 , 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 5MP camera and more. It is almost perfect :) Nice device
  2. Hi Sector I thought that many people will need this MEDIAFIRE link :)
  3. WOW Jumba Amazing work :) Looking forward to using this skin :)
  4. I thought that all we Samsung Omnia users need a place where we can post and download WMP skins :angry: And Here are mine ;) uPod White & Black Smilegod_UPod_WMP_Skin.cab HTC HERO Smilegod_HERO_WMP_Skin.cab To install these skins just copy cabs to your Omnia and install them ;) Hope you like my skins :D Please Donate if you like my work
  5. Here is Denisan's dialer EDITED & FIXED by Me :D Denisan_HTC_Dialer_EDIT_by_Smilegod.cab
  6. Something I've been working on Hope you like it :D ANDROID Dialer Smilegod_Android_Dialer.cab
  7. I can fix it :D Wait some time i will post it (Modified by me)
  8. I agree this logo is very cool :D Thanks to X-Ray A4T
  9. I think of making HERO Skins for our Omnias What do you think ? :D (More to Come if you like) Smilegod_HERO_WMP_Skin.cab
  10. Wow Sector :) Another nice work I will make a skin for it if you don't mind ;)
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