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  1. I will be going on a trip in a few weeks and wanted to know what the best software for Internet Connection Sharing would be for my MOTO Q9h to my laptop. I know there are several out there but i was wondering what my options were and the best one. Also, are there any free ones? BTW, my carrier is AT&T, not that i think that makes a big difference but can anyone help me? I'm Running WM6.0 with a landscape screen.
  2. So, i just got my Moto Qh a couple weeks ago, and i love it, i thought i had it just the way i like it, until last night, i realized i can't search another phone via bluetooth for their files. i was connected to a buddies phone and he could search through my files but i wasn't able to search through his, i was just wondering if i needed a separate program to do that or a setting i don't know about, can anyone help me?
  3. I have the same issue, i can't seem to get my MOTO q9h to work no matter what i do, any help, are there specific settings or what?
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