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  1. I might just sell my current Tytn 2 on ebay, use that money to pay me out of my current T-Mobile contract and to pay for the Touch Pro from expansys on the T-Mobile deal for like £35. I've been having a look and they seem to be going for like £200, which would be enough so I would get a new, cheaper contract and the new phone without having to really pay anything out of my own pocket. Anyone know what the 'new' T-Mobile contracts are like with the 'unlimited' (1GB Fair Usage) internet on them? I'm currently on the Flext 35 with WnW+ for £42.50 and I barely use my phone lol (I phone my gf, home n work and thats it lol!). I'm looking at the Combi 30 + WnW on expansys for like £35 a month (http://www.expansys.com/p.aspx?partner=modaco&i=171303), can you still use MSN on your phone with the 1gb fair usage policy? I originally got the WnW+ so I could use my phone as a modem for my laptop and use MSN on the phone itself but from what I can see T-Mobile have got rid of the WnW+ and its now just WnW with a 1GB Fair Usage policy. Can anyone confirm I can still use it as a modem and for MSN (I never went over 1GB a month usage anyways) Thanks for the help! M_Taylor40
  2. I couldn't have put it better myself! I've still got 6 months left on my current T-Mobile contract but I'm starting to look at what's on offer (Or might be released sometime within this same decade...). At this rate though I think I'll just wait til the end of my contract, wait like 2 months then get the next version of the Touch Pro (Vario 5) on a T-Mobile contract from expansys! Lol, any word on what HTC are currently cooking up or is it all currently about the G1? And what are T-Mobile thinking?! They won't release the Vario 4 until the Vario 3 stock is sold, surely the type of ppl that will buy the vario 3 aren't dumbasses who know nothing about current technology, so they will not buy something that is about to be replaced at any time (Within the next year! lol) and they will want to wait for the Vario 4. Why don't T-Mobile start selling the Vario 4s, and do the Vario 3s cheaper, making less profit on them but making a bit more on the Vario 4?! If they can't manage the slight decrease in profit that they would make then they shouldn't be trying to sell things! It's their fault buying so many Vario 3s when they knew the Vario 4 was coming very soon! M_Taylor40
  3. Thank you so much newtonmj! Got this working perfectly on my fiancees Diamond! Thanks again! M_Taylor40
  4. Hey guys, Just a quick question, does TomTom7 work for you when you search by postcode? If I begin to type in a postcode, say for example DH1 5GB (It's a retail park where I used to work lol), it will only recognise the DH1 part, so I cannot search by postcode! It just lists DH1, DH2, DH3, DH4, etc. I know that I can press on DH1 and then go through and find the street but isnt that just makin postcode search completely pointless?! I'm sure on TomTom 6 I could search by the whole postcode! I'm just using the trial with 1 free map at the minute as I wanna make sure it works perfectly before spending any money! I'm running version 7.450 as well incase there's a newer version. Thanks alot, M_Taylor40
  5. When I've used HardSPL it took about 1minute max for the bootscreen to appear. It depends on what version of Windows that your using to exactly how you do it but for me on Windows Vista it was really just at straight forward as the instructions but replacing ActiveSync with the Mobile Device Center. Also from what I've been reading your best off using either HardSPL 3.28 for HTC devices including varients such as the Vario 3 and using 3.29 for the AT&T Tilt version, sadly I still expience issues with my keyboard but I've actually found out its not the software and an actual keyboard fault, but I'm waiting for T-Mobile to release their official WM6.1 Update so I can flash that and then send it back for repair, don't want them trying to blame me cos I've flashed the ROM. Hope this helps and best of luck! M_Taylor40
  6. Have you tried doing a hard reset on your phone, also make sure the camera button is not constantly pressed (Or any other button for that matter) incase this is causing an issue. Does your phone connect to your PC when you connect it through USB? If it does it may be possibly to reflash the ROM which I would try. But from what I can think, if your phone still does not work after that you need to send it away for repair, which could be a problem depending where you got it from but its worth a try. Best of luck! M_Taylor40
  7. I couldn't tell you what the price would be as I ain't even looked wot we selling it for, just been takin it apart lol. It's about 10% off the retial price tho so not much cheaper. You can get them I think for free if you sign up the one of the connect mobile broadband packages, but I have 3GB WnW+ on my Vario 3 and unlimited home broadband so I don't need another lol. Just as a quick note, the easiet way to take it apart is as paul said, unscrew the screws on the bottom, have the laptop face down on a desk with the vga port facing away from you, now lift the bottom casing up at the side closed to you and slowly click it apart until you get to the vga pport, then just push it upwards to get round the port. to put it back together its the opposite of those instructions. The machine can only have a additional 1GB RAM, and it takes DDR2 4200/4300 (Might be able to take higher speeds but I never tried it with anymore). Lol, who put a SSD in one of these?! I wanted to just cos we sell them and I thought it wud be funny but someone actually did it? lol, very nice... Anyways, better finish off getting ready for work lol, in all day today, yey! M_Taylor40
  8. Lol, yeah any 2.5" SATA drive will work in them, but we dont sell them in that capacity, so I cant see what its like, I've been jokin about puttin a SSD drive in one and seeing what its like, but again we don't sell them :D They spoil all my fun! lol M_Taylor40
  9. Just another quick note, always check the collect at store price before going into any PC World or Currys, the amount you can save by simply reserving one can be stupid! I don't think these will get any money knocked off but with anything, always check the website first!!! I cant believe I'm actually trying to help ppl buy from PC World lol, but then those little Advents are so nice! M_Taylor40
  10. Lol, I wondered if these could run OSX but I keep getting wrong for taking them apart at work (Yes I work for PCW). Just incase anyone is having issues with there wireless connection within Windows, don't update to the newest driver pushed out by Windows Update! I've had loads at work now that have intermittent issues with the wireless as Microsoft have managed to find a driver for the Realtek 8187 card that Realtek have not actually released, and it causes so many issues with the wireless!!! Apart from that, its a shame that they cant take anymore than an extra 1GB RAM, tried 2GB but it doesnt POST, also, anyone going to be brave enough to try one of the 500GB hdds coming out next month in one? lol, again I'm not allowed to as I've taken them apart a few times now... Anyways, enjoy your new netbook/reasonably priced mac! If I had a need for one I'd get one, but I'll stick with my shiny new Asus G1Sn, hmmmm.... M_Taylor40
  11. The GPS worked perfectly for me, had TomTom6, Google maps and Live Search all working correctly. Only issues I had were cleartype in landscape mode (Thanks to HTC!) and the keyboard annoying me, which I should hopefully now have fixed. M_Taylor40
  12. Thanks for the info Chucky.egg, I read that about them as well and I downloaded both 3.28 and 3.29, dunno y i used 3.29 lol. Well I'm currently reflashing my phone, again... I've downgraded the HardSPL to version 3.28 to see if that fixes my issues. Hopefully this will the the last flash for a good few months! I'll report back on what my phone is like in a couple of days or something so others hopefully dont have these issues as well! M_Taylor40
  13. Hey everyone, I've been running this ROM since it was released, and most of it works perfectly, but I have had issues with the slide out qwerty keyboard not responding or doing whatever it feels like! (Delete and backspace key randomly switching between the 2, some keys not work wen i first press them, spacebar seems to let me press it, it sits and waits til i press another key then puts it space in) I'e tried using the updated HardSPL (3.29 i think) and I still have these issues. Is there anyone that can help me get this working as its starting to drive me crazy! The older 6.1 TLR ROM worked perfectly but this one is just annoyin me now! Apart from this issue, everythin else is working perfectly! Please help me! M_Taylor40
  14. Hey, I've uploaded the full cab here so you can try downloading this. Also incase you still have issues, I've zipped (using 7zip) the file into 1mb sections, which you can download below. Full 2.2mb CAB file Zipped part 1 of 3 Zipped part 2 of 3 Zipped part 3 of 3 Let me know if it works ok for you and if you need anything else, M_Taylor40
  15. I just checked and I have the lock option under Settings>Personal. Is it not there for you? I'm pretty sure I had the option before as well with the old ROM but couldn't say for definate as I personally don't use the WM locking system and use A_C's S2U2 instead.
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