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  1. KumateiDragonX

    Installed wm6.1 on htc 620

    No, not suicide. It was my second time flashing to another ROM. My first time being the update from WinMo 5.0 to 6.0. There are NUMEROUS threads on the xda-developers website that have detailed instructions on how to correctly flash Kavana's or rickwyatt's 6.1. Just PLEASE make sure you do a lot of reading before asking questions. I guarantee that 99.9% of the questions you'll ask have been answered at least 30 times over. You'll do well!
  2. KumateiDragonX

    Installed wm6.1 on htc 620

    I have Java games on mine. I don't use an emulator, but run them through the Java app. (and yes, I overclock at 240mhz). The games I have are: Ultimate Spider-Man, Ratchet and Clank, The Sims 2, Super Mario Bros., Metal Slug, Swords of Fury, Tetris, and many more... These are HIGH-QUALITY, FULL SCREEN Java midlets. You can get them in a thread at the xda-developers forum (www.xda-developers.com).
  3. Greetings fellow believers... I have a Dash that I've been working on for my brother. It was bought off of eBay and everything works on it but the in-call speaker. If you place the phone on speakerphone, you can hear the other caller speaking. However, if you place the phone on the normal mode you can't hear anyone talking to you. It's quite the annoyance, seeing as how everything else works except the in-call audio! It used to run the T-Mobile WM6.0 ROM but I changed it to the HTC 1.33 ROM in hopes of correcting the dilemma. No cigar. Then I flashed Kavana's WM6.1 080408 ROM on it and the speaker still won't work. Any suggestions? P.S. The phone is no longer under warranty, so I can't get a replacement phone. (I checked) Is there any way to repair the speaker? I've searched for how-to videos on YouTube to no avail.

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