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  1. Clove UK pushed out to Mid Sept .... doubt if we will see with WM 6.1... like, does not make sense :) send out into market them go through hassel of update calls to support etc
  2. Hi Khuanchai, Do you know if BT Audio was working on stock i8000 or is that feature lacking in the i8000 like the i900
  3. short of doing a search :) ... a time bomb is what developers put into software to give a 'use by date' in other words at a certain date the program stops working... does not effect daily use... that is until it stops working :)
  4. So far it is fine have not done much but working as should, KC has mentioned has a time bomb but as long as it doesn't turn into a French iPhone and acually explode do not think much of an issue ... like how many people actually keep on their i900 that long :)... just wait at the KC stop there will more than likely be another one coming soon (like a lite version wink wink nudge nudge :)
  5. first up was i8000 then B7610 but brought a Touch Pro 2 (b7610 keeps getting delayed release date in UK) using TP2 (for two days) .. after using an on screen keyboard for so many years find opening up a keyboard then still having to touch the screen for some things (would of had the message sent on i900 by time turned TP2 around opened keyboard etc) + my poor old i900 actually felt like a minow after holding the TP2 :) so back to i8000 like the formfactor and size
  6. if that is from Clove UK that has been pushed out to October now ... asked before ordering edit update... Clove Uk was mixed up (as per another email) as 3 samung phones being released... they now say early Sept for B7610
  7. yes agree... quite silly as same thing happened with blackjack, then i900 ... must be marketing ploy to leave feature out then release new model (sounds familiar aka Apple) so hopefully they buy another phone... the B7610 does have Voice dialing as part of feature set but whether it has via BT headset profile remains to be seen
  8. optical illusion :) or artist impression then the real thing in the right picture maybe the early mock up had a rotating cube ;)
  9. yes it called wm 6.5 :) ... the widgets lag is more than likely caused by their haste to get to market and not spending as much time refining 6.1 with the imminent release of 6.5 ... hopefully any issues with UI are solved soon with 6.5 then it will be a kick .a..ss device
  10. Anybody using Microsoft Voice Command or Cyberon Voice with their i8000 via bluetooth headset and can use voice commands to activate via the BT headset? E.g. call, john modaco, on mobile, what is the battery level etc etc as i900 did not :) ... was fixed on i908 but wondering if voice over bluetooth profile works out of box on i8000 as use 99% of time
  11. was not going to flash again... but after reading your comments on new GUI.. know if you promote it is good... your Lite roms are excellent but will be purchasing a i8000 in next week so would like to thank you for all your efforts & time making my i900 experience all that much better
  12. Hi Khunachai and others ... using 23001 lite 12pp and after have come across two issues 1. after a call some times the screen freezes (esp from a call if you lose service and it drops out)...the 'x' button disapears & the top bar goes a light grey ... you cannot shut down via the power button or anything else tapping screen just goes 'bing'... must pull battery out ;) ... it happend twice yesterday and again today 2. Wi Fi comes on (not sure how or why) but you cannot turn off... either by tapping bar in CommMgr or turn off wi fi under menu... a reset is needed to fix On Programs in Storage memory Have installed m.carroll Pureblack *on rom Gameloft Asphalt 4 szy_pkg2cab dice Omnia Keyboard, Opera 9.7 Garmin XT MVC 1.6 Resco Explorer azharsunny iTouch_azharsunny * on rom any help as did not experience same issues as these apps installed before
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