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  1. Apply the stock gallery patch in OP. Regarding email app you can download any email app of your choice from market.
  2. Tillaz sometimes you may give some info / teasers about your upcoming ROM othetwise this threads appears dead.
  3. tillaz can you upload your ATOMICMOD STOCK KERNEL in flashable format?
  4. Thanks for your decision. I am sure this ROM will get its due attention and grow in popularity once it is posted in xda.
  5. First of all thanks to Tillaz for this wonderful ROM which I am using as my daily driver since the release of latest 220612 version. I am using this with Gueste-Flix-kernel-1.3.1-Power version which has made the UI much more fluid. I realy feel pity that this ROM is not getting the attention it should have got and its development is also stalled. Its unique features like customisation of Power widgets in "Notification Bar", CM7 like multiple options in "Power Menu", "Kill App by Long pressing Back button" (Not working consistently though), ditto ICS theming etc is noteworthy and only of its kind amongst all Modded Stock ROMs I have used (And I have used almost all of them). I think all users would have loved to see further development of this ROM but its entirely upto Tillaz's personal convenience / preference and liking. Lastly any developer or cooker trying to take this ROM to newer heights is greatly welcomed provided Tillaz has no objection. I think all users of this ROM will agree with me. Lastly thanks once more Tillaz for this wonderful Port of yours.
  6. How to remove black centre clock background in the picture>
  7. First apologies to use the word "Otherwise". The ROM is great in the first place. Its just my personal likes CLOCK at RIGHT and STK app. Thanks in advance for your assurances of ADDONS for both for which I will be anxiously waiting. Lastly going to your themelink to have a glimpse of the same.
  8. Hoping one out of your six theme will be wth clock in the default RIGHT position (non centre clock). BTW anyway to get the STK app back. Otherwise ROM is great.
  9. Thanks tillaz. Downloaded the ROM will flash later. But bad to see you go. Anyway, your priorities first. Thanks. Again.
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