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  1. when i send or receive a sms, it shows 4 hours later than my time zone. i tried to change time zone but it not allow. anyone have this issue and how to fix it? i'm on Trip_MIUI v1.7with BB65 (also tried BB61) thanks
  2. to add a contact in black list, touch the + sign on top bar with "Blacklist and a + sign on the right" it'll bring you to next screen. now choose Recent, Contact ... then click "Select" at the bottom bar. done hope that help
  3. after replaced the wifi fix file, it still give Error message. any idea? thanks
  4. thanks Trip :D i'm on BB .67 since v1.5. after installed this v0.3.0 i didn't have signal, did a "crash the system server" full signal shows this ROM seems like the best. will report more later
  5. thanks for your work Trip been using the 1.5 since yesterday, everything work well for me. are you still working on 0.2.0 IRIS GB project? i really like that one thanks again
  6. BlueTooth icon won't show on the top bar when turn BT on, does anyone has this issue? any fix for this? i'm on 23088 Full_M2D version. thanks
  7. Thanks Anzo for your great ROM i haven't been around since i got my HTC Touch Pro2 in July of this year, busy flashing Custom ROM at XDA forum this is the best ROM for my Omnia over a year since i got it. everything work well for me, no issue what so ever. keep up your great work :)
  8. hi everyone, does anyone know how to edit, replace or delete contact(s) on Tittanium Contact(FavouriteContact) on both versions 23028? also the contact pictures look weird on Titanium too. any idea how to fix it ? thanks
  9. hi guys, is there the DXID1 phone part included in v23004 ROM ? or where can i get that? thanks
  10. hi everyone could you please tell me that the latest ROM (3in1-23001) has the Phone Part included & is it i900DXIA2 ? thanks
  11. hi chivi, i'm thinking of sending my phone to Samsung to get it fixed. this is the best forum for Omnia, but we've been searching for help for so many days & get no help means no one here be able to help us on this. anyone know how to contact Samsung service center, please give us the info. thanks
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