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  1. the eee pc 1001 seems to be coming with a lime light....
  2. eeecop

    I sold my Eee! I've bought another tho ;)

    lawl, let me guess whats your next move... your gonna buy an Eee black 900? lol and your most likely gonna get the 16G one? with a 2G ram drive? :D
  3. eeecop

    I sold my Eee! I've bought another tho ;)

    lawl, let me guess whats your next move... your gonna buy an Eee black 900? lol and your most likely gonna get the 12G one? with a 2G ram drive? :D
  4. eeecop

    Which ram would you recommand?

    go get the 4G ram drive, even if it does cost alot, it will reward you in the future... O.O
  5. eeecop

    upgrading eee pc

    maximum specs.... wow well see you could get the eee pc 900 which has a 12G hard drive. and then you could change the ram drive into 4G and have a 16G SSHC memory card. (you could get a 8G SSHC card but you could get a 16G, way more space...) XPPPP
  6. eeecop

    can i install XP thru my Ipod?

    you could actually... if you just hack your ipod right you could do it. you could even hack in world of warcraft on from your ipod. go chek like some of the eee pc videos in you tube, pple actually use their ipods for hard drives.
  7. eeecop

    touch screen

    well see you can have two types of touch screens. the ones where you have to solder it in and the one where you just have to stick it in an extra usb port whats in the camera, but then you wont be able to use the camera anymore. this video might help you just a bit. but then also i heard that the asus eee pc 900 will officialy have touch screen and a GPS with it. so if your just gonna like try putting on a touch screen on the eee pc 702 you might as well get a 900. anyways i heard its probably 600$ or 800$ US dollars... but then if its 800$ it kinda defeats the purpose lol. thats why im just gonna buy mine in the philippines, where they say its php $25 000/$600
  8. eeecop

    WiFi access, multiple acces points with same SSID

    just one dumb question.... does the wi-fi work once you've installed windows XP on it or do you still have to have linux on???
  9. eeecop

    8GB Model - Is the 8G flash removeable?

    to make it the best buy a 16GB SSHC card XP its makes it all cool, and i say you shud just wait to get the eee pc 900 or is it maybe too late?
  10. eeecop


    i know!! its like a wii too! lawl
  11. eeecop


    Check this out, the new Eee Box going to be revealed sometime this year or next year. i've heard its really good for gaming console and things like that. It even looks like a Wii... Bigger pics. Black one > http://www.hothardware.com/image_popup.asp...id=6450&t=n White one> http://www.hothardware.com/image_popup.asp...id=6450&t=n
  12. eeecop

    Question about upgrading RAM

    you know wat you shud do? you shud wait for the new Asus Eee PC 900 with an 8GB solderd hard drive. and then upgrade it with a 16GB SDHC memory card and replace the ram drive to a 4GB one. :D
  13. eeecop

    Upgrades for the Eee Pc

    ohh my... i just found out about the Asus Eee PC 900.... i need to get it and upgrade it ...
  14. eeecop

    Asus announce a 9" EeePC

    meeee wantttt :D
  15. eeecop

    Upgrades for the Eee Pc

    So yea, to have better memory space on the eee pc we've got to have upgrades (accessories). Ofcourse when you buy the 4GB asus eee pc (701) and have windows XP on it, you would need to have a bit more memory to have to have fun with it. So i guess we could write up what upgrades we need. But what would be better is to have an 8GB hard drive eee pc to start with, so once you've put your upgrades on, you could have more memmory and stuff. Lets see, we would need...(upgrades, as well as accessories) -Pc2-5300 2GB DDR2 sodimm memory drive (it comes in 1,2 or 4 GB, but ofcourse it would cost more for higher memory) -Class 6 8GB SDHC card (it comes in 4,8 or 16 GB. SDHC means Secure Digital High Capacity) -Ofcourse a windows XP cd, that works. (this is only if you want to use windows XP, but then you would want to use windows XP because if you just us the Linux you wouldn't really need to have upgrades for the eee pc if you wont upgrade windows XP which needs some space in your memory drive.) -You would also need an external CD drive that uses a USB to connect to your eee pc. (you need this to download your windows XP to the eee pc, because the eee pc doesn't have an internal cd drive on.) -And one more thing, maybe you would like to have your eee pc to have a touch screen. Well if you do want it, which would be the coolest thing to have on your eee pc you could just search up "7" inch touch panel screen kit for asus eee pc" in google or in e-bay to upgrade your eee pc to touch screen able. if you wont use your built-in camera on the eee pc, you could just easily have the touch screen ready in no time, but them if you still want to have your built-in camera and a touch screen well, you would probably look for some you tube videos for it. But then i have found a very good video to teach you how to have your eee pc touch screen able. ( )

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