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  1. Oh darn it! Was about to pull the trigger on the 360, but re-read your review and ended up ordering G Watch R instead! Do you have a link for the metal strap you replaced?
  2. Oh no! I'd ruled out the G Watch R until listening to Paul's comments and reading the review on the site! Heard over reviews (guessing based on video reviews rather than in the hand reviews) that its screen is too small, cropping is an issue as its a square screen with just bezel making it appear round. What I do like about the G watch R is that the screen seems recessed so will be a little protected unlike the 360. Also P-AMOLED with ability to keep the screen on efficiently. Was considering 360, but the processor and battery size put me off. One review suggested that after software updates, the performance and battery life are now comparable with the G Watch R now. Can that really be true??? Will be interesting to hear your views on Zen Watch when it comes in, however, from the pictures I've seen, although the strap and casing look nice, that is one large Bezel around the screen. The other thing nagging me about the G Watch R is James comment recently regarding square vs round :-( I'm sure the Sony will be good, but just don't like the look of it. Any idea if the One Plus watch rumours have any weight? Guessing not. Could do with being able to visit a retailer in london to see them all side by side, but it doesn't appear they are high street items :-(
  3. Did this fix the market reboot issue? I experienced the same when I tried and switched to FLB
  4. Thanks for your post UTOPY. Your suggestion resolved my partition size problems :-D
  5. followed the thread recommended above and installed the official Huewui rom linked in there (only the dload rom link works, but thats all I wanted, also noted that rom seems quite nice too!) - installed as an update i.e. dload folder, volume up, end call power. That sorted my partition sizes to approx 110Mb for system and shuffled the other partitions around. Then install CM61 and it installed fine! Had a problem with installing from the market though, so switched to FLB 1.7 and all is working fine. So anyone that installs a custom rom, and when booting for the first time, it doesn't ask you to touch the screen and set up you google account, i.e. goes straight to the home screen, it might be a partition size issue. Flash another official rom to change the partition sizes. This will unroot the phone and remove clockworkorangemod, but easy to put back on again, then choose the rom of your choice :mellow:
  6. Hi. I've been having problems installing custom roms after having official 2.1 TM UK rom for a while as detailed here. Does your suggestion just install a ROM that fits those partitions or does it correct the partition sizes so any rom can be installed? Do you install all of these through clockworkmod or through the dload folder update route? Thanks
  7. Thanks ;-). I'll try to solution suggested there
  8. Hi Jeddy1. Back on official 2.1 now and all working, but any other rom just fails for one reason or another. Out of interest, if you run df on terminal, what sizes do you get? From all the searches I've done on these forums, I think I hold the record for smallest system partition :-(
  9. Thanks for the answers guys. Tried to install FLB and CynogenMod 6 plus. FLB aborted with Can't symlink /system/xbin/su E:Failure at line 135: Symlink /system/bin/su SYSTEM:xbin/su Installation aborted. CynogenMod 6 plus installs, but can't log into any google apps. Even before installing google apps, df on terminal shows /system is 100% so to me it appears to be the partition sizes :-( Tried the RBM2 ROM, but that aborts without showing any errors, just way too quick without actually doing anything. I presume again because it cannot install into the size of the system partition initially? Same with Hungary official rom too. Do these partition sizes look normal? Seem very small to me. Installing official roms; does that change partition size upwards or only down? Is there a way to change them at all? Any thoughts?
  10. Hi all. Trying to make my sons Pulse more 'appealing' for a little longer by flashing on a new ROM for him. So far, rooted and added clockworkmod - all fine. Currently running official 2.1 T-Mobile UK ROM I went ahead and attempted to put on some custom roms - none worked. Some wouldn't boot (CM7), some did, but no market or couldn't sign into his google account. After some reading it apppears its down to space issues on partitions. Having looked, it appears the partitions are as follows: /dev 52Mb /System 85Mb /data 105Mb /Cache 20Mb So, my main question is, if I flash on RBM2 which I understand has more system space partition and less data, would I then be able to flash on CM7 or one of the other 2.2 ROMS? Is this the process I need to do to change partition sizes? Hoping to get this all done today before the schools return so I can reinstall all his apps etc Oh, Do I assume that the rom install packages don't change partition sizes and its only a few (official?) ones that do? Do they just try to fit in whats available already? Many thanks
  11. So in a nutshell, installing the official TM update will potentially screw up SMS/MMS. If you are really unlucky it may not install correctly leaving you with a bricked phone requiring a flash back to 1.5 which you can get the TM shop to send off. Also, memory might be an issue for a while so can't install too much??? If all goes well and it installs, then presumably you can then install the oct update over the top? Just weighing up if its worth doing or waiting for Oct release?
  12. From what we know so far it sounds like its not possible to install this on older hardware as we have been able to do with 6.0, 6.1 etc. My TyTN II is likely to be far too old and off the mark etc, but what about Touch HD? A newish phone with good spec. If that can't be upgraded, its gonna kill the sales of recent WinMo devices dead unless they secretly implemented the MS chassis or by luck, comply with it. Another point, with apps not being likely to work on WP7S, MS have got to hope and prey that developers will create a decent number of apps for launch. Will developers be happy to develop for IPhone, Android, WM6.n, possibly maemo and WP7S too? Will Google develop googlemaps etc for it? As we all know, the Iphone is only as successful as its app store. A phone with no or few apps isn't going to do well - have concerns that N900 may suffer because of this, but at least it is very flexible being based on linux. Will the new WP7S OS be restrictive? Will you only be able to install through an app store? One of the key features of WM for me, is its flexibilty. I can source and install my own cabs if I wish. People like those on here or XDA developers can fiddle with the cabs to customise them etc. In a nutshell, if they tie it down to only install apps from a store, implement other restrictions that were not previously there, why would anyone choose this over the Iphone which has a vast collection of apps established already (ok, maybe multitasking*)? Personally, I'm looking to change my device this year after nearly 3 years of faithful service of my TyTN II and am favouring Android at the moment. What I have seen so far, isn't changing my mind. * What is meant by not multitasking in context of the iphone? As a software developer, I would take this as only running one process at a time. Can the IPhone not run, say a chat client & skype at the same time and recieve a message or call if that app was not currently visable? Surely not as that would be a serious deal breaker in anyones book!
  13. I say longer! come, you can do an hour ;-). Just downloading to listen in the car tomorrow after recently discovering these podcasts. Do you only cover hardware related topics or do you sometimes talk about the operators? i.e. innovations, payg Vs contract deals, data deals? 3UK seem to run away with it on the innovation front and value - dodgy customer service though!
  14. Only just discovered these pods - fantastic work! Love listening to them while out for my late night dog walk. Please do them weekly :) Eagerly awaiting no 39! In the meantime, a little back catalog to get though
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