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  1. Hello . can anybody help me . My graphite have black dots in LCD If you know why ? Please reply
  2. Bener kan . berarti kamu gak perlu sms back up lagi dong I have trouble with my graphite. The LCD have black dots (bintik - bintik) makin hari makin banyak. itu kenapa ya ?
  3. Waduh . 3Care Goblok ya :D :( :( wong saya pake mentari . pas setel gprs , langsung bisa . tapi mesti pake Opera browser . Kalo di IE sering gagal
  4. Coba deh tanya ama customer care nya . telpon ke 123 dari kartu kamu , kalo males kirim email e [email protected] bisa juga ngunjungi 3store di Plaza Semanggi lantai satu Coba masukin lagi terus di IE Tool > options > connections > select network : WAP network
  5. Hey Alexyie , We same , But Only I 13 years old child & i used mentari . You ALso Upgrade your Graphite with Nanodemon help like me & i used method 2 Can I used Indonesia Language ? ha...ha.... just kidding Maybe I can help you in GPRS setting 1.Setting > Connections > GPRS 2.Input this data -Connect to : Wap network -Access Point : 3gprs -Username : 3gprs -Password : 3gprs -Authentitation type : none -pRimary DNS : -Secondray DNS : -IP address : 3.Done 4.Proxy 5.Input this data -Connect from : WAP Network -Connect to : The internet -Proxy (name:port) : -Type : WAP -User Name : 3gprs -Password : 3gprs 6.done I Know this setting because i use before and its working in wm5 internet explorer pLease reply Moronobu mATsushushina :D
  6. How to setting GPRS In O2 Graphite Operator / Carrier : Mentari / Indosat 1.Start > Setting > Connections > GPRS 2.Input this data -Connect to : WAP Network -Access Point : indosatgprs -Username : indosat -Password : indosat -Authentication Type : None -Primary DNS : -Secondary DNS : -IP address : 3.Done 4.Proxy 5.Input this data -Connect from : WAP Network -Connect to : The Internet -Proxy (name:port) : -Type : WAP -User name : indosat -Password : indosat 6.Done Note : Its Working With me to Browsing in IE & OB (Opera Browser) AND Weather . Good Luck If you lost , Reply me Moronobu Matsushushina
  7. Hi nanodemon ! Cool I Used Method 2 and This easy , :D succes too ! Thank nanodemon
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