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  1. Hey I went to the factory system and I was able to upload the factory ROM with no problem... You can also wipe the rom from scratch by going to Settings>clear Storage> they will be a box to check... once you check that it will wipe out and hard reset your device to whatever rom you have... ****Hard reset will not reset the factory rom, just the the default ROM... To get the factory ROM go to the web link I provided above. Kaiser 6.1. is great but is just lil' minor things that still needs to be fix.... I'm currently using the Ifonz model from XDA after I re-installed the Factory ROM of my HTC... And GUYS IT IS SUPERB.......... I LOVE IT.... I spent almost 6 hours yesterday reading and trying to figure this out...... But, is so much and so cool, and so exciting 6 hours felt like 1 hour....This is an Iphone look alike OS, the best part about it is a program so you can view both your original OS and the Ifonz OS... try it out.. YOu don't have to worry about flash and hardspl and system getting corrupted....... Once the Kaiser 6.1. radio is adjusted I will upgrade and have one of the BEST PHONE IN THE WORLD............I"M WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD MHHHUUUUAAA MHHHHUUAAA LOL...... I'm just really amaze with Modaco and XDA... I will start donating next week you guys have me leaving my school work behind and staying home trying to hook up this phone... I love you guys lol...... I'm a newbie, but I pick up real quick.... The only way that's possible is REEADDDDDDDDDDDDDD>>> RRRREEEADD, DOWNLOAD...... READ everything before you attempt... RESEARCHHH>>> GOOGLLLEE your best friend, USE IT.. IT WON"T HURT YOU, it will only HELP YOU>>> GOOOOOGLLLLLEE>>>> GOOOOGLLLLE>>>>>GOOOOOGLLLLLE>>>> LMAO. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=369241 this is the link.....
  2. Hey guess what great news.....http://www.htc.com/us/faq_product.aspx.. Hey I surfed the HTC website and you could undo the changes by re-downloading the old OS. I will try it tonite and redo the hard spl again. Is so much cool stuff to do...
  3. It appears to be with the radio Rom. The radio rom is not allowing the 3g functionality. I mean it works good for me but is just weird with the data connection. I cant get emails but I can get txt and surf the web fine. I can't use google map or msnbc or windows mobile live update.. very strange.. I have the H icon, I use to have 3G... I am using the Tilt. Any idea? is 3g the same as with the H...
  4. My Data connection is not working properly. I don't have the 3g functionality.
  5. Hey I am having problem with my Google Map, I'm unable to use it no more gettng a data connection error. I am able to send and receive txt and use the web but I can't view maps on google. Does anyone know why this is happening, or have a better free nav app I can use? 2nd question: After downloading the Kaiser 6.1 which so far is superb, I am unable to delete items in the WIndows folder. Everything is lock. I installed couple of TSK files and ringtones but when I try to remove it from the explorer windows from PC or PDA I get the same error. any advise?
  6. Woww,, I think is working.. man....If COoking Rom was a meal, this would of been a five course meal..anyways, let me just fool around with it.. i been reading all the post for the past week about all problems n fixes..I will let you guys no tomorrow. rememba i'm a newbie, so If it works for me guys, then whoever have doubt should go for it.. again, like the Chefs always say in Modaco "DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISKKKKKKKK." LOL
  7. I just flash it... Modaco Dude came up.. it looks like is loading.. Plz God..... Make it be problem free...
  8. I'm doing it right now.. Why does it looks like is downgrading my version.. from 1.5xxx to 1.0000.. is this right? I' m so scared right now.. is currently updating to 80%... omg.. Like dave chappelle would say " I think I S** on myself." .. its a joke.. but i let you guys know if is good...
  9. After you flash it, I believe you have to download the radio and everything else that is listed on the first page of this forum. I didn't try it yet because the flash Rom is not available through the FTP server. I guess it was remove. You should ask Shadowfixeruk. I have been eager to download this new OS, I"m just as scared as you and confuse. But, after reading from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=375037 and Modaco's forums i'm starting to get the hang of things.... Everything is free, is Just the reading and understanding..... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=383638 [Apr 09] Dutty's Official WM6.1 5.2.19209 Release.. Hey it looks like they released a new version to the current
  10. YEah, I need it to.. I did the HardSPL and I gues the phone is now unlock, It went successfully, but when I try to download the exe file I get the same server error..... Thanks
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