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  1. steviesteve

    Arnova 9 G2

    Just picked one up myself today. Nice build quality but software is a bit sluggish. You can add the Google Marketplace quite easily as long as you are comfortable copying a few files onto a memory card. Google search Archos 9 G2 Market and you should find several guides. There is at least one ROM in development which you can find on other forums and if it can be speeded up a little, it could be a great device.
  2. steviesteve

    Viewpad 10e

    I'm comfortable with ADB and commandline but would not know where to start! Its V2.3
  3. steviesteve

    Viewpad 10e

    I managed to bag myself a Viewpad 10e. It looks like ipad from the front and has the same dimensions but runs Android gingerbread. For only £199 in the UK it's a bit of a bargain. Specs are: 9 inch IPS display with multitouch Bluetooth, wifi HDMI out MicroSD slot Micro USB Accelorometer Android Gingerbread Front facing camera The hardware is great quality for the money but the software lets it down a little. With some tweaking I have made it perfectly useable and will be holding on to this tablet for sure. All that's needed now is a little developer support! Anyone out there?
  4. steviesteve

    Avoid Currys

    Unless you can prove its faulty, you have no right to refund, end of. Same goes for anything you buy in any walk-in store. Most stores afford you rights above and beyond the law and but you should never buy expecting this. Sell it on or gift it.
  5. steviesteve

    Best browser on Tf?

    When opera have sorted the flash issue, it will replace stock completely. I use opera on my old vega and galaxy tab, the scrolling speed is awesome.
  6. steviesteve

    best VEGA web browser?

    Opera does this.... In the address bar type opera:config and you can basically customise anything. In user-prefs, change custom user agent to match Chrome's and you always get desktop versions of the site you want... Or Safaris or IEs, its your choice!
  7. steviesteve

    best VEGA web browser?

    I myself can't find fault with Opera Mobile 11. The scrolling on heavy websites is far superior to the others, supports flash, easy for I pad users to pick up and play with because the layout is similar. Tab management is good.... for me, its the best, even got rid of dolphin after installing it but I do miss the side swipe toolbars slightly.
  8. steviesteve

    nVidia drops support for Tegra Harmony

    What support specifically? I mean, what more do you want (the combination or hardware/software that you purchased) it to do? And what sort of subscription are you prepared to pay if any. Why did you buy this if you werent happy with the current level of capability. Really, this sort of thing gets brought up frequently with Android devices and I just dont get it... Dont buy it if you want it to do more. The manufacturer has a obligation to fix any problems but none to improving or developing a finished product. I say this all sincerely with no intention to upset or frustrate. Might I add a thankyou to those who do create the custom ROMs...
  9. steviesteve

    nVidia drops support for Tegra Harmony

    I couldnt care less and I dont know anyone who ever bought a new car with the hope that the manufacturer would improve it free of charge with future updates! As far as i see, the Vega works well with the latest ROM and if you stick a custom ROM you can improve it yourself. Its like when Apple release new products and everyone moans that they got ripped off. Point Im trying to make is, if it currently does what you want to and the price is right then buy it now, if it doesnt then wait until it does to pay up, never get roped into a sale on the ideal of continued support or free of charge upgrades.... that would be foolish surely?!?!
  10. steviesteve

    Camera fault

    What do you plan on doing? Have you noticed anything that makes the problem better/worse?
  11. In less than 24hrs, I have backlight bleed, a dead pixel and the rear camera works intermittently. My chunky (feeling) Vega represents superb value for money compared to this transformer. Will try another tomorrow but after great first impressions regarding the design/build quality, I feel let down by these problems and the roughness with Honeycomb.
  12. Just got it today, been playing around, first impressions were good but i have noriced a few majorly dissapointing issues. The poor backlight bleeding issues have been discussed already but I seem to be the first person to report an issue with the rear camera. It makes a clicking noise wwhen activated but sometimes simply shows a bright green image full frame, doesnt work at all or shows corrupted graphics. Anyone else experienced this?
  13. backlight bleed here too.... cant belive it, bought brand new today. as a premium product compared to the vega im shocked. yes, the viewing angles are extremely good but theres uneven backlight bleed all around the edges and about a third of the way in a weird blob of light noticable on dark backgrounds. the rear camera is very intermittent, sometimes not working at all, sometimes showing distorted images. im taking it back tomorrow, any have any xperience of returning goods to comet? ill happily take another but want to inspect it first.
  14. Flashed over Corvus 4 just fine for me - all my apps in place and everything. Dont ask me, but theres something about this ROM that I really like and I reckon it will become my favourtie over Corvus 4!!!!! Thank you alphaola
  15. steviesteve

    [ROM] CorvusVegaRom_0.5 (based in Vegan-Tab from Gojimi)

    Love version 0.4 the best and have used it since launch.... is there a way to have wifi automatically turn off when device goes in standby? I dont need it on all the time and sometimes forget to switch it off, killing the battery!

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