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  1. Just a quick question about the extrom content. Im one of these people who like a fresh system every month or so going through a hardreset and have my own routine for doing it. I was looking at the contents of the O customization apps and thought maybe I could create my own extrom with all my standard apps and tweaks installed after Os has kicked in. Question is if say, I added a few things after Os stuff that it would work right? ie. LOCK:Enabled CAB: \Extended_ROM\MT_PC_Hermes_Orange_REG_060612.CAB CAB: \Extended_ROM\MT_Shortcut-MMS-Hermes.CAB CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_defaulthtm.CAB CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_Fix_ShowTodayTheme.cab CAB: \Extended_ROM\HERMES_UK_BUILD_93_CLOCK.CAB CAB: \Extended_ROM\devicelock.CAB CAB: \Extended_ROM\removesecurity.cab CAB: \Extended_ROM\HERMES_MountExtROM.cab LOCK:Disabled RST: Reset[/codebox] ifyou get the idea. Also would it work using different file paths as well? ie [codebox] CAB: \Extended_ROM\apps\removesecurity.cab or say CAB: \Storage Card\apps\removesecurity.cab [/codebox] thus being able to create a custom SD card with all my apps and tweaks all installed in one go?
  2. Hey guys need a bit of help. Been fiddling around the last couple of weeks with various setups for my Hermes. This included several Today setups (resco, spb, wisbar etc) with a few hiccups along the way easily solved by a recent hard reset. Had a play with my friends Hermes today and Ive only just realized that Im missing a few bits from the standard out-the-box defaults and was wondering if you guys could help us out. Noticed Im missing the original Dialpad, mainly the Autocomplete feature for numbers and the "Video" button with the ability to use the video feature but mainly the complete lack of MMS!!! The whole things gone, the MMS part in Messaging, greyed out option to insert in a message and cannot 'send' anything through File Explorer!! Now reading up on the EROM, I may have accidently deleted the contents along the way including the Orange customisation files as after a reset I unlock the EROM and its empty, although it does the whole custom setup before the WM5 setup wizard, I get the Orange today screen etc. I dont really use the EROM for anything but have read that that is where those files are kept. These problem may all lead back to the lack of EROM files but I have no idea to be honest! Im hoping someone has a copy of the default EROM folder they would be able to pass on to me so I can relaod them if it doesnt break any forum rules that is. Hope someone can shine a light... Cheers Dude
  3. Great prog, purchased last night after playing around with it. I run a pub so the amount of phones availible is great! Havnt had chance to sit down properly yet with it but had a fiddle with my girlfriends SE K750i, connected straight away and started AT commanding to download her sms (shes faithful...I think lol) After 5mins it completed and asked if i wanted to read the .htm file now, I did but PIE came up with the error that the file couldnt be found, so i tryed again but this time said no and it saved to the install dir. Tryed opening it in PIE again antd it still gave me the same error. It was the same with the phonebook Has anyone been able to open jacked sms and phonebook yet? Im going to sit down and write a reveiw/feedback for you mate when I get the time, as this prog is really worth it and have some ideas Id like to throw at you. Much credit to you for your hard work. Good luck on your exams as well :)
  4. Well OCS rang last night said they are just going to replace the SIM as the dont know whats up with it. Should be here Tuesday. Will let you know if this one works...
  5. Have just put the PAYG SIM in the nokia again before I rang TS about a SIM update, went to check what messages where on the phone and it wouldnt let me! Got absolutly no response from selecting anything from the 'Text Messages' options (Create, Inbox, Sent, My Folders etc). Went into Message Settings and it shot me back to the standby screen! Placed it back into the C550 and tried importing messges form the SIM. Left it for 30mins and it was still going with the loading circle. Tried another hard reset with clean Inbox and still the same. Placed it back in the Nokia and had four SMS come through (I think from the SIM but maybe new?) but couldnt acess them as all I could get out of the Nokia was the "SIM Card Not Ready" error, that was with any of the 'Text Messages' options above! So, I put the PAYG in my M3100 to retreive the SMS and low and behold...No signal. I couldnt get to the Import SIM messages option as it needs the phone to be connected before it will change the messgage settings. Maybe it is a corruption in the SIM somewhere??? Hopefully its the SIM and not the handset :rolleyes: Going to fill in CS when(if) they ring and see what they say. Is there a charge for a replacement SIM on PAYG without Orange Care? Would this come under Warranty etc?
  6. Background: Week last Wednesday 4pm sent my last txt, by 5pm I had no connection at all to the Orange Network. Thursday 10am rang OCS and was told that two masts had gone down and would be fixed by the following Monday, to move to a differnt area (was in Notts city centre) and see if the problem continues. It did. Simple enough really until... Turned my SPV on today to find still no connection. Rebooted, hard resetted and tried from scratch. No luck. Just finished with OCS again and have had a great time in confusing them :D Explained my situation etc that I put my O-Contract SIM in the PAYG and it connected fine etc hoping the explanation would be a faulty SIM etc. The bloke agreed and said that would probably the case and that theres three reasons for none connection 1) The SIM, 2) The Handset and 3) The Network. He wrote the note to Tech Support and all was great until... I found a old unlocked Nokia 6230 in my drawer. I mentioned that Ill try the SIM in that to make sure it wasnt working. It did. Connected fine, received a txt form it and rang 453 :D 1) The SIM - Doesnt work in the C550, works in the Nokia. 2) The Handset - Contract SIM works in it, PAYG doesnt. 3) The Network - Cant connect from the PAYG SIM in the C550, connects fine in the Nokia. Contradicted all three there I think. Says Ill get a phone call from TS asap as this was a problem they (he?) hadnt encounterd before. Any one else had any similar problems or can shed some light on this?
  7. Hey guys, long time reader in need of a bit of help. Noticed this the other day when I had a massive bustup with my girlfriend. Shes always been in my phone as 'Baby'. After the shouting had stopped I felt a bit spiteful and changed her name to '*itch'. Now on every other phone Ive used when you change a contacts name all the sms messages in the inbox from that contact change to read the new name. For some reason they still said 'Baby'? All the new messages I received from her all read as '*itch' untill we made up and it went back to baby. Is there anyway to sort this out? I have some really nice messages from '*itch' which I would like to read 'Baby'! Ive tried deleting her number but after a reboot the sms keep their contact name? Cheers :)
  8. Aw well, pity that it wont just for a net connection :D Hopefully BT will take off a bit better in the upcoming future :D Itd be nice to be able to connect through a hub, walk across road to the shops/pub while still using messenger lol
  9. My BTs working mint at the minute through a single USB1 port on my lappy. I have a 4 Port USB2 PCMICA which Id like to use my dongle through. Now Ive read that ActiveSync wont work through a hub, fair enough, but do you need ActiveSynce working to use anything else BT/Fone related. Can I use the hub say, to pass through my net connection?
  10. Well I bought my USB Bluetooth dongle ages ago and have never got it to work. All that crap with COM ports and ActiveSync, pi**ed me right off! I recently had to reformat so have been in the process of reinstalling all my goodies. Spent last night finsihing them all off. Fiddling through some papers my dongle dropped out. So, I thought - time to get the little ba*atrd sorted! Took me 10mins. 2hrs later I regained conciousness after falling of my chair, well after seeing the BT Serial port as COM4 and ActiveSync letting me select COM4 is enogh to fry the brain somewhat! Now Ive got it all sorted I need to clarify a few things, seeing as search is down at the momoent, i hope you dont mind. [*]For piggybacking my 1mb BB connection - In ActiveSync Ive selected "The Internet" and in IE Under "Connections" the same. Then selected "Pass-Through" under Data Connections. Is that correct? I dont want to do it wrong and end up with huge bills! [*]Ive read about how fast it is using a BB connection but should I be expecting as fast as a PC? I dont think Ive ever used WAP or GPRS properly so have no idea if its faster. [*]Does MSN Messenger actually work? Never seems to sign in for me :x Thanks for reading, hope you can help :)
  11. This is gonna sound weird. I hardly use my E200 to text but as I started writing one today I noticed that the Back button (arrow under red key) wasnt working, as in wasnt deleting. It made the sound, but wouldnt delete. So started fiddling a bit more and found it wouldnt function correctly on any area where you would type text, back out of any of the inboxes, would be able to exit from a program, In BetaPlayer on the Open file screen. After 4 reboots it started working again :? Dont know what it means or how it was caused but thought it was worth mentioning somewhere.
  12. Yay I finally got it installed the other day :) numnuts here didnt realize there was a cab version :s Anyway, a few queries: 1. When selecting 'open file' all i get now is a blank screen, the dir tree/file veiw is just blank. I can select files but its like undoing a brastrap upsidedown with your teeth in the dark! - can be done after some effert! I have to use SmartExploer to open them. 2. Any really good settings for PocketDivxEncoder or which is the best settings youve found for whatever yet. Keep up the good quality work!!!
  13. Any chance one of you guys could do a animated GIF or a video in flash etc to show full functions working? Maybe a nice little push towards Plus membership...lol Its quite dispicable how excellent stuff like this isnt taken up by the creators! Itd be nice if Orange/MS or whoever said: But alas, nope!
  14. Im having problems installing the damn thing! Always happens to me, summut so good is just out of reach... Run the setup exe on PC, click 'Next' and 'I agree' then on push of the 'finish' button it dissappears! Nothing is installed on my E200 and it just sits in my TaskMan eating 5mb up? Any ideas? Recently reformatted, have I missed installing summut? Cheers :)
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