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  1. info.shayan

    Any effort to add Farsi support to Desire?

    hi guys , ive got same problem , if u find any solution plz let me know :D tyt :) and plz look at my attached photo :D it was our empire ...
  2. Hi guys , I waited 4 months for a solution , no body knows ? can u send me links or something to fix my problem ? if u know please help me. as soon as possible
  3. Why u didnt send me any answer please help me!!!
  4. info.shayan

    Samsung SGH-i600 -Firmware Updates here!!!

    hi i flashed my i600 to i607 my phone crashed , when i press RSK + camera key + power on on boot mode this show me *USB downloader - at&t and computer does n't detect the phone what should i do please help me
  5. I saw many different things in 4 post but i could nt know anything about my problem. Can you tell me more clear ? what should i do ? i sent it to samsung center and they asked around 300 USD$ for change mainboard!!!
  6. why u didnt answer to me ? I really need a help ! please help me................................. :D
  7. I have flashed my i600 with the i607 new ROM and now I can't flash the phone back. then my pc doesnt detect the phone. show me > Windows mobile > (Vibration) < AT&T > GooDBye> turning off what should i do guys? Samsung Servise told me you have to change main board it is around 300USD Plaeassseeeeeee Heeeelp meeeee!!!!

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