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  1. Hi Everyone, This ROM is the fastest and most stable Sense ROM I have ever tried. Almost everything is perfect. But It has still some problems, As other ROMs of Daskalos I tried: I can't login in Facebook Icon for selecting Account in Email tab is not aligned correctly The BOLD font is not clear to see. Original is better I Think How can i fix these problem ?
  2. I had the same problem with my Samsung B7610 WM 6.5 last week. I dont know exactly the reason but it tends to the problem with the Samsung SDK 2.1 . So i think you should try: + When it goes to death sleep, you press and hold the lock button, may be it wakes up and works. or + Try to hard reset the device or + Remove Samsung SDK or + try any another ROM Without installing Samsung SDK (Now I am using Daskalos Sense Sense 21909 v2 without installing Samsung SDK and it works fine). or + Remove current Samsung SDK and reinstall with the Samsung STD sdk 2.1 ( the sdk for windows mobile standard without touch screen).
  3. I want to connect my i607 to internet via wifi technology. Can it use SD wifi card????????????? :D
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