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  1. Incase anyoe had not seen this on ebay, thought it might go well on a collection (if anyone collects phones that is) :wacko: lol http ://cgi.ebay.co.uk/HTC-P3600-aka-SPV-M7...d=p3286.c0.m14 hope this is of use to anyone i know its a old phone now but you never know ;)
  2. Hi all, just to let u know i dicided to flash my m700 with the wm5 unbranded rom (still pondering about 6) i was wonder the m70 has a backup rom, can this be erazed and replaced with the current rom i have?
  3. i have seen a PDF Veiwer thatyou can install as a CAB file. Have a look for "Adobe Reader LE" thats what i use as for the other probs im not sure ?!?
  4. Using the M700 it does not show the Icon when minimized how ever, could it be that we are all using the HTC home plug on WM5 which stops icons from displaying correcly in that location? im gonna see if i can have a look at the programing in a min see if i can alter it to show or of not moving the icon to someware where it can be dispalyed.
  5. hi paul have a odd question for you, my phone sometimes randomly conects to GPRS or EDGE, is there a reg hack or a program that pops up a notify box say such and such is requesting accsses to gps with a yes no box please elt me know cheers
  6. how risky is this, only things i have flashed are routers last phone i tryed turned it in to a paper waight lol, or sould i just laeve it lol?
  7. Hi Paul / Everyone Im new only on my 2nd post whoot lol, i have a question i have a M700 and its unlocked and had the secuirty polices removed, Its fully working on o2 now (YAY!) but i want to know if its possable to totaly remove the orange software (ie pictures and Ringtones and files) from the rom's, i have done the hard reset trick followed by the softrest which is brill, But what i need to know is there a second rom that stores this and if so can it be whiped and used as a new storage location? Cheers
  8. Looking good guys, Cant wait to find out what happends :D
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