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  1. Since most of us have probably installed the patch, our version doesn't appear to match the tested versions. I've tried the upgrade 3 times now, and it just hangs at 0% with my CPU at 99%. I have to kill the process and reboot my phone. Anyone else have any luck?
  2. Okay, it didn't fry my phone, but it didn't work either. How rediculous that they release an upgrade that doesn't appear to work with a critical patch they released!
  3. Talked to a Verizon guy, and he said he might have to ship me a new phone since my version number is wrong. I've done a hard-reset, and I've tried running through the upgrade, and it just sits at 0% while sucking 99% of my CPU. I've tried breaking the upgrade with a new hard-reset, but I fear my phone is now dead dead. Fun fun. It looks like the 1+ year of testing they did with this thing wasn't enough.
  4. It says I need a specific S/W version on the phone, which I don't have. It's close, but not exact. It says you need: S:i600.04.V.W123 S:i600.04.V.WK05 I have: S:i600.04.V.WL24.13192 What should I do? (It also says my phone number isn't a valid Verizon phone number, which is silly.)
  5. Seems like the MSN IM patch is permanent too. Are you sure I need to reapply the registry patch?
  6. Yup, after ~10 minutes it started up... Wow, that is slow! It looks like the patches are still applied though (CallerID, etc.)?
  7. Okay, so my phone has been fine for a couple weeks. I installed the PocketMind media player (kinda nice), and the Resco SM package. All was fine. Then I popped in a 512MB SD card with a bunch of pictures, and started viewing them through the Resco picture viewer. Nice again. However, I noticed that the memory was filling up (the Resco battery/memory status showed the first memory as 94%, and the second one at 0%, not sure why everything was going into the first memory slot). Anyway, I turned my phone off, and when I turned it on, it just hung at the Samsung MITS screen. For hours. So I did the hard reset (6/# thing), picked "Ok", it said "Erasing", and now it still hangs on the Samsung MITS screen. I rinsed/repeated, and it's still hanging there. Any advice??? Am I screwed?
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