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  1. I gave it a go but found it unusable, must be designed for touch screens as couldn't seem to access any of the options properly.
  2. Hi all, Just recently got a SGH i600 and am really enjoying not having to take my phone and a PDA around with me, one thing I would like that I had on one of my old Nokias was the functionality for timed profiles as would love not to have to change my profile over to work one at 8 and out of work at 5 manually, have had a look and all I seem to find is S60 stuff so thought I would ask here for recommendations. Cheers
  3. I got a Samsung I320 at the weekend from Expansys and since then have been trying without success to access the internet in any way shape or form from my phone. I have been in contact with Vodafone who have been very patient and sent me the settings necessary for my new phone (which I love by the way apart from not being able to access the internet which is very important to me) but still get no joy with IE or Pocket MSN or Wap Browser , just get a Connecting..... message then an Error which says "Cannot connect. Verify you have network coverage and try again.". I know I have network coverage as have a full signal bar on the screen and the G signifying that GPRS is active too. Vodafone have suggested that there is a fault with my phone but thought I ought to talk to others who maybe more knowledgable before sending my phone back.
  4. Hi folks, just joined up after looking for a decent forum for the HTC Kaiser. I will be buying one of these fantastic devices in the next few weeks and was looking for some advice on 'must have' software for my new phone. If I buy the extra maps for TomTom, is that all I would need, I understand that it is a cut down version and only allows you one map but is it cut down in any other way. I am also keen on games to while away the time on the train so am looking for recommendations in that direction too :D I will be purchasing an 8GB card for the phone at the same time as that seems to be the largest currently available but happy to be proven wrong as just want the maximum storage I can get. Sorry about all the questions, going to crawl through posts now to look for tips etc, getting really excited about getting one of these devices.
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